Pricing Your IT Services for Maximum Profits

How to Price Your IT Services

As a former MSP myself, I know what it’s like to try to make sense of pricing. I quickly learned that the right price was more about perceived value than competing with the market. So many new technology solution providers (TSP) just throw a price out there to see if it sticks. That’s dangerous, and…

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9 Tips for Pitching Services to New Clients

How to Craft Sales Pitch

Every good buyer-seller relationship starts with a successful pitch. How else are you going to draw your prospective client in and convince them of the awesome ways your services will enhance their business?

4 Tips to Sell Value-Added Services

4 Strategies to Build Value in IT Services

Ready for a harsh truth? Your hardware and software alone won’t make clients value you as a long-term technology advisor. After all, clients can get similar technology products and services from most of your competitors.

How to Sell Azure Cloud Services

Cloud Services Sales

Being a relatively new movement in the industry, there’s an understandable lack of familiarity surrounding the cloud and why it’s important. It’s a complex concept to grapple with, even for seasoned technology solution providers (TSPs).

The Customer Journey: Hit the Road with a Handoff to Sales

Handoff from Marketing to Sales

“You don’t close a sale. You open a relationship.” – Patricia Fripp, sales presentation coach & speaker This probably isn’t the first time you’ve read that popular sales quote, but I think it’s a particularly fitting thought for this third part in my series about the Customer Journey.

Achieve Giant Sales Goals with Quosal

Reach your sales goals with Quosal

Skip the magic beans. When it comes to growing profit, quickly closing deals is the name of the game. Research from multiple sources suggests that around 50% of the time, it’s the fastest rep to deliver a quote who ends up winning the deal.

How to Build a Winning Sales Culture – Part 3

Build a Winning Company Culture

You know excellence doesn’t just happen, and it doesn’t happen overnight either. Well, the same goes for building a winning sales culture in your company. If you’ve already read part 1 and part 2 in this series, you understand the basics of ‘sales culture’ and why it’s so important to pay attention to yours.

5 Email Marketing Metrics that Matter

ConnectWise CampaignDirector Metrics

Email marketing is a low cost, yet highly beneficial effort, when you understand and are able to leverage your campaign results. Whether your business has dabbled in email marketing, or is looking for new ways to drive awareness, it’s not enough to send an email and hope for the best.

Quoting is Cloud-Bound! 3 Reasons to Follow the Trend

Take Your Quoting to the Cloud

The cloud is taking over our industry, and changing the way your business interacts with information. Your clients are catching onto the trend, and rapidly moving their businesses into the cloud. By adding a cloud services practice to your existing business model, you can start to capitalize on this movement.  

Attract More Qualified Leads in 3 Steps

3 Tips to Attract Qualified Sales Leads

Savvy marketers know how to attract qualified leads. Surprisingly, it has a lot more to do with exclusivity than you might think. This probably seems counter-intuitive if you’re used to casting a wide net into the prospect pool, so think of it this way: you’re doing more work up front to help decrease wasted time…

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