Irritated with your PSA? Find a Better Way to Cloud.

| By:
Arnie Bellini

Have you ever suffered downtime with your cloud-based business management tool? Lost productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction end up costing you a lot of money.

Losing access to your cloud-based business management platform is terrifying for a reason. At ConnectWise, we get it. You need TRUE 5/9s uptime, not empty promises that leave you down for days. You deserve better. You pay good money for your business management platform—and that should get you a fantastic customer experience.

Here are 5 critical factors to consider when selecting a cloud-based business management platform:
#1: Redundancy

In the cloud, redundancy is critical to maintaining access and availability to data. When duplicate copies of the data are created on different systems, equipment, and servers, you always have access to it.

Ideally, the data is stored in different geographical regions so, for instance, if a hurricane happens in one part of the country, the data is safely secured elsewhere and remains accessible.

At ConnectWise, our business management solution leverages redundancy, so you never lose access to your critical business data.

#2: Speed

There are two types of speed you need in a cloud-based business management platform. First, you want optimum performance that’s fast. Slow, underperforming systems hurt your business efficiency. Second, in the event of a disruption, you want access restored immediately.

Ask any potential business management solution how they intend to meet your expectations for speed.

Here at ConnectWise, we’re committed to providing you with lightning-fast speed.

#3: Elasticity

With the help of a great business management solution, your business will grow, so you want one that can grow with you. Try to find a provider with thousands of servers you have access to, if need be. This ensures the ability to quickly scale, but also regain access in the event your primary server goes down.

You guessed it, ConnectWise is also more elastic than a rubber band.

#4: Uptime

A solution is only as good as its availability. Ideally, you want access to the platform 100% of the time, and that up-and-running percentage is what makes up uptime. Find a company with the highest uptime possible.

The ConnectWise® Suite of Solutions™ is committed to maintaining a 99.999% uptime, so clients never have to worry about losing access to their business management tools. This is accomplished by continually investing in cloud technology, developing redundancy, deploying a multi-zone AWS architecture, and moving to well-established industry leaders like Amazon.

Not to brag or anything, but the ConnectWise business management platform has experienced 0 downtime in the past 12 months in North America. What’s more, we’ve never had any downtime in the UK or AU.

#5: Security

A breach in confidential data or client information could cause serious ramifications for your business. Not only could competitors gain access to business-critical documents, clients would lose confidence in your ability to keep their information secure.

Look for solutions that have SOC1-certified data centers that remain compliant with industry and regulatory best practices.

If you need a robust and reliable cloud-based business management solution, ConnectWise is the answer for your business. It’s secure, redundant, elastic, and fast, all while maintaining 99.999% uptime, all the time.