From a PSA to a Business Management Platform

| By:
Linda Brotherton

The game-changing software of professional service automation (PSA) has been a foundational force in technology services. But with explosive industry growth came a realization that even the most progressive software can drive success only so far. Tech solutions providers needed more.

Enter the evolution from PSA to Business Management Platform (BMP). Decades of partnering with and listening to customers positioned ConnectWise to anticipate the change. And we were ready with a powerful BMP support infrastructure offering unique tools, education and community all designed to enhance operational efficiency and grow business.

1. Excellence Through Training

Basic training has its place in introducing a product. But a BMP delivers a more comprehensive experience, including several weeks of implementation training, along with consulting services that tailor product solutions to achieve specific business goals. A comprehensive library of reference materials makes it easy to refresh users and train new team members.

2. Inspiration & Education

Business is enhanced when there is inspiration for new ideas and education to help achieve them. The ConnectWise University is an online educational resource center with course curriculums crossing multiple disciplines ranging from sales and thought leadership to Help Desk and HR. Business development is encouraged and made easy through toolkits that include eBooks, videos, webinars, blueprints, and more.

3. Growth through Community

You’re not in this thing alone. One of the greatest strengths of any business management platform is an active community of users who believe in co-opetition.

ConnectWise User Groups available all over the globe offer opportunities to connect and collaborate with companies similar to yours. An active forum allows our partners to share tips for enhancing their software use.

The annual ConnectWise IT Nation event is a perfect example of 2,500+ technology industry peers coming together to share expert advice and encouragement, resulting in meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities for innovations.

4. 150+ Integrations for a Fine-Tuned Experience

A solution that doesn’t integrate with your core tools isn’t really a solution. Communication should be seamless between all your platforms—from your ticketing system to your RMM. A solid BMP is based on the understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and offers solutions that are customizable, extendable, and scalable. This is why we have joined forces with quotes & proposals software, ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal) and RMM platform, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) to provide all the necessary tools a tech solution provider needs to be successful.

The ConnectWise business management platform offers features you won’t find with a PSA. Watch for our post highlighting the unique ways our software can help you succeed.