Customer Journey: Support is Your Time to Shine

| By: Craig Fulton
“Everyone in your organization should know a customer across every touchpoint, using that knowledge to grow the relationship.” — Barbie Moser Zinck, Business & Technology Strategist

The Customer Journey has become an increasingly influential topic, determining strategy across multiple industries. Businesses have developed a new respect for how the journey shapes and defines their relationship with clients, guiding them toward the ultimate destination of mutual success. The journey can be complex, but the benefits of understanding it, and getting closer to the customer as a result, are far-reaching and worth the effort.

In this part of my series about the Customer Journey, we’ve arrived at step 5: support. Excellence in service and support can increase customer retention rates significantly and, in turn, profits. But to lead in this area, you need to stay on top of the rapidly growing list of customer expectations. There are common factors customers seek – even demand – in a satisfactory support experience, including:

  • Personalized service
  • Constant contact
  • Quick response

Customers want to hear from you and know that they’ve been heard. They won’t wait long for anything, and they don’t like to wonder what’s happening. The more in control they feel, the better. Successful technology service providers know that automation, incorporated into a personal relationship with customers, builds the foundation for meeting those expectations.

One of the strongest features of the ConnectWise® Suite of Products is its ability to simplify service and support for both you and your customers:
  • One system is all you need for everything
  • Ticketing is at the center – the process is controlled, every issue is trackable, scheduling is efficient, errors are minimized, and time accounting is accurate
  • Chat provides instant and easy communication with customers, allowing their input and making them part of the solution
  • Remote control provides quick issue resolution without interrupting customer workflow

See how ConnectWise Manage can improve your operational efficiency while giving customers service and support that satisfies their expectations. In my final post of this Customer Journey series, we’ll look at how to make billing a pleasant experience for you and your customers. Yes, that is possible.