Culture is King

| By:
Arnie Bellini

Last week I wrote about what kinds of impacts mergers and acquisitions can have on a company and how there are always changes involved. One of my key points was that a cultural change almost always takes place, and that really got me thinking. How important is company culture to clients, employees, and the outside world?

For me the answer is simple, it’s very important. Ok, you might say it’s not important to you as long as the product or service you’re paying for works, but if you think about it, that product or service is a direct result of company culture. Product developed under one cultural condition are going to be different than under another cultural condition, and different priorities can influence what types of products and services are released and when.

Here are a few reasons why I think Culture is King.
Culture’s role in product decisions

It just happens naturally.  Your company culture dictates how you operate day in and day out, and the culture that’s instilled by your management bleeds into your products and services.

Culture’s role in strategic decisions

Company culture starts at the top, and it plays a big role in the overall direction of the company.

Culture attracts talent

Everyone wants to enjoy what they do, and having a positive and welcoming culture will help retain top talent

I guess one of the reasons this topic really stood out to me is because I work for a great company that has a great culture. ConnectWise’s culture is focused on the greater good of the community, and it’s evident that it’s paying off. 

For example, we had over 2500 attendees at IT Nation last year.  2500!  These business owners got a firsthand view of the ConnectWise culture in action.  We love to collaborate, we love to have a good time, but most importantly, we care about our Partners.  Everything we do is focused on them, and do you know what the main driver for that is?  Big surprise, it’s our company culture.

Our culture isn’t going anywhere, and if you’re ready to be a part of it, feel free to reach out to us today and we’ll fill you in on the ConnectWise difference.