3 benefits of user-based billing

| By:
Linda Brotherton

The IT Industry is constantly evolving; that’s the nature of technology. But even with a constant stream of development, there are practices still in use that are, well…antiquated. Device-based billing is one of those practices. It’s time to face it. The days of one device per user are long gone.

Device-based billing doesn’t exactly set your clients up for an outstanding experience with your services, either. Just think about the phrasing alone: device-based. The focus is on the hardware, not on the people who are using it (which is where it should be).

So let’s shift the perspective. Take into consideration these 3 (of many) reasons to implement a user-based model in your TSP today.

1. It improves client experience

When you operate with a user-based billing method, your focus is on your client’s team. Your monthly invoice goes from a list of nameless gadgets, to a list of actual people your client will recognize instantly. It might seem like a subtle difference, but it will make a big impact in the eyes of your clients.

2. It adds stickiness to your value

Solidify your value by establishing flat-rate payments for your services. When all devices are included, and your clients pay a structured flat rate, you get to establish recurring revenue and they get more comprehensive service that’s less confusing when they get your bill.

3. It streamlines and simplifies your billing

Simple. Easy. Straightforward. That’s what a user-based billing method affords you and your clients. You’ll add time to your work day with this process because you’re not having to use your resources to wrangle device-based invoices, and you’ll provide a better overall experience for your clients.

If you feel like device-based billing is a cycle you can’t get out of, don’t worry. At ConnectWise, we’ve got your back. In our mission to make products and services that enable your success, we’ve created UserCentric within ConnectWise Manage.

With this enhancement you can streamline your business’s billing process synchronize with customers’ Active Directory, and automatically populate and update company contacts within ConnectWise.

Join this industry movement with the knowledge that many MSPs have already adopted this billing method.