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ConnectWise Manage

Explore the Procurement Benefits of ConnectWise Manage


Simplify Cisco Purchases

Use ship sets to ensure that all products in a group are ordered together and ship together to the same address.

field delivery

Manage Special Orders & Drop Ship

When you have products that require special handling or need to go directly to the customer’s site, ensure the item doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


Renewals & Asset Management

Stay on top of renewals and ensure you never miss another renewal revenue opportunity.


Keep Track of Inventory

You can use inventory count sheets and adjustments to help manage your warehouse and on-hand stock.


Online Ordering

Purchase products from top distributors through ConnectWise Sell and track the PO and details in ConnectWise Manage.

managed services

Warehouse Management

Create multiple warehouses and bins to manage your inventory wherever it’s stored.

inventory search

Serial Number Tracking

For products that you need to track serial numbers for—require serial numbers when receiving and when deploying the product to the customer.


Minimum Stock Levels

Are there items you always need to have on hand? Use minimum stock levels to ensure that they get ordered as they are needed.

Procurement Management at Your Fingertips

Make the procurement process—from pricing to purchasing—easy with ConnectWise Manage.

Explore Other ConnectWise Manage Features

Help Desk

Provide exceptional service with top-of-the-line ticketing and dispatch, all while capturing every moment of billable time.

Explore >>

Project Management

Create a project using a template, customize your work plan, and manage everything in one place.

Explore >>

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