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ConnectWise Automate

Designed With You In Mind

The new ConnectWise Automate Control Center has been streamlined and simplified, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Fewer Clicks = Saved Time

Move Faster

We’ve made it easier to select devices and take action. Whether you want to regroup devices to automate future actions like monitoring or immediately remediate by launching a script, it’s a snap with our new control center interface.

Work the Way You Want

Customize Your View

Want to change the way you see your control center? Now you can! Easily drag and drop to add or remove columns and create your own custom device list view. The best part is that it’s sticky, so the next time you log in, it’s just the way you left it.

Target Results

Filter & Search

More options to navigate and ascertain. In a managed environment with countless assets, quickly narrow viewable results for a laser focus, easier access and resolution.


See the Newest Features to Automate Your Business in this Live Demo

ConnectWise Automate helps keep your fast-moving business running smoothly.

See What Else is New

Report Center

An easy to use report designer with multiple templates helps you demonstrate client health, patch compliance, or simply review remote access details.

ConnectWise Unite™

Enjoy a seamless experience between ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Unite with the new Ignite Manager.

Manage Service Tickets

Empower technicians to work tickets in their product of choice with the latest update to the ConnectWise plugin.

Got It!

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