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The ConnectWise Platform Strategy

Learn about the strategy behind recent innovations in scalability, availability, and security of the ConnectWise Fusion™ platform.

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ConnectWise Product Innovation: Security Management

Get a sneak peek at exciting updates to ConnectWise Security Management solutions and a look the latest threats as seen from the ConnectWise SOC and research teams.

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ConnectWise Product Innovation: Unified Management

See what the future holds for your service delivery with a peek into the updates to ConnectWise Unified Management software.

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ConnectWise Product Innovation: Business Management

Get a look into the latest improvements to ConnectWise Business Management software, including ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage).

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What You’re Missing Out on from The IT Nation

Hear what to expect from The IT Nation in 2021, including event updates and all-new, on-demand certifications.

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Invoice grouping: Invoice grouping can be applied to products to control how they display on your client’s invoice. Easily show all products associated with the group and their prices, display products but hide their prices, or hide all products and their prices.

Inventory management: The new tab in ConnectWise PSA shows all current inventory class products by warehouse and bin and provides visibility into what’s on order, what has minimum stock on hand, and which serial numbers are associated with the products on hand.


ConnectWise Automate’s conversion to the web is still underway, along with key security updates over the past several months.


We’re bringing some of the great functionality of ConnectWise Automate to ConnectWise Command, including custom fields, AccuSearch, and custom monitors.


Pest control: In Q1 of 2021 alone, we’ve closed over 40 bugs to help with ConnectWise Control’s performance and stability.

Remote diagnostics toolkit: Updates to the remote diagnostics toolkit provides more interactivity with machines from the Host Page.

Security service: Our new security service will provide real-time auditing and triggers for authentication events from the web application.


Dark web scanning and risk assessments: Have better security conversations with your clients with ConnectWise Fortify Assessment. This client-facing vulnerability assessment helps you show your clients their security vulnerability with an easy-to-consume report.

ConnectWise Fortify SaaS: ConnectWise Fortify SaaS, powered by Perch, protects your customers from business attacks by monitoring Microsoft 365® and Azure® AD by detecting abnormal user behavior and creating alerts and managing responses.


Coming soon: ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup™ (formerly Recover Complete BDR) integrates select third-party BDR solutions into one solution and integrates with the entire ConnectWise Fusion™ platform. Easily manage multiple solutions and get monitoring assistance from the ConnectWise NOC.


The latest updates to ConnectWise PSA (formerly Manage) help your techs do their jobs better and get you paid faster.

Customer Portal Invoices: Get paid faster with invoices in the Customer Portal. This will simplify invoicing and provide more clarity to your clients to reduce billing disputes and speed up the AR process.

Details on Service Alerts: Get more contextual information on a service alert to determine the appropriate response instead of wasting time digging through alerts for more details.

Invoice Creation From Agreements: Create an invoice right from an agreement, so you never have to leave the screen. Start saving time and get invoices out faster.

Attach Configurations to Workflows: Attach a configuration through a workflow based on the trigger that works for you, like tickets in a certain status or specific clients. Give your team all the information they need to start working on tickets right away.

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Ease of use and functionality are on center stage in the latest update to ConnectWise Automate.

Work Wherever, Whenever: 2020 continues to be the Year of the Admin, and we’re pushing the browser experience for techs and admins to take full advantage of, including additional screens for User Management and Script Schedules.

SSO for Desktop: We’re taking ease of access a step further by adding single sign-on to the desktop version of ConnectWise Automate. Sync your login information with your ConnectWise SSO account and streamline your access.

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Don’t let payments slip by or unauthorized invoices make their way to your clients with the latest update to ConnectWise CPQ (formerly Sell).

Multi-Level Approvals: Increased discounts and improper scoping can be costly when it comes to your margins and client relationships. With Multi-Level Approvals, create advanced rules that require approval from identified stakeholders before it’s delivered to your clients.

ConnectBooster Integration: ConnectWise CPQ now integrates with ConnectBooster, giving you another option to collect payments. ConnectBooster allows your clients to store their payment information to make future payments even easier.

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The latest update to ConnectWise Control makes it easier to troubleshoot issues after work hours and brings you improved user experience.

Improved User Experience: We’re making it even easier to access the ConnectWise Control features that are valuable to you, like the ability to have the Toolbox one click away. The automation and tools you use the most are at your fingertips.

Guest Credentials: No more waking a client in the middle of the night to troubleshoot an issue. Now you can request client guest credentials in advance so your technician can access the machine when it’s locked, and the guest isn’t available, or you’re working after hours.

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Dig deeper into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with the latest update to ConnectWise Identify.

New Comprehensive Risk Assessments: The new Comprehensive Risk Assessments in ConnectWise Identify provide a deep dive on each of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework functions and controls with a much larger question set.

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The latest update to ITBoost brings you better data visibility, better performance, and improved user functionality.

Ease of Use: In V4 of Global Dashboards, widgets can be resized to increase or decrease focus and improve data visibility.

Improved Efficiency: Bug fixes and improved performance make ITBoost more responsive to allow users and techs to accomplish tasks quicker.

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Dashboard filtering and improved user experience are part of the latest update to BrightGauge.

Viewer User Dashboard Filtering: Administrator users now have the option to allow Viewer users to use dashboard filters. After dashboard filtering is enabled for a Viewer, the Viewer can toggle filters on or off and exclude filters from dashboard gauges.

Improved User Experience: We continue to make adjustments to the look and feel of the product, including expanded filtering and sorting options, bug fixes, and overall performance improvements.

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ConnectWise Fortify’s first update as a part of the ConnectWise platform introduces an all-new product offering for SaaS security.

Security for SaaS Applications: With the all-new ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS Security, get 24/7 managed threat detection and response for Microsoft® Cloud apps, like Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and OneDrive, to safeguard your clients against business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

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ConnectWise Expert Services help your MSP close the tech skills gap and bring individual techs or a fully staffed help desk into your business without the investment in finding, hiring, training, and retaining top IT talent.

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Use the latest updates to streamline workflows and drive greater invoicing efficiencies within your business.

  • Get Paid Faster: New invoicing capabilities in the Customer Portal will simplify invoicing, reduce billing disputes, and speed up the Accounts Receivable process.
  • Service Alert Updates: See more contextual information on service alerts, so you can determine the appropriate response, instead of drilling in for more details.
  • Create Invoices from Agreements: Create an invoice right from the agreement without having to leave the screen—saving you time and helping you get your invoice out faster.
  • Attach Configurations to Workflows: Attach a configuration through a workflow, based on any desired trigger, such as tickets in a certain status, clients, etc. This saves time and makes sure your team has all the information needed to start working the ticket right away.

The wait is over! The new ConnectWise Manage 8.0 plugin is here, and it offers many benefits to the already-great integration, including:

  • Many to One Integration: With the ability to integrate multiple instances of ConnectWise Automate into a single instance of ConnectWise Manage, you're able to grow and scale without worry.
  • Company to Contact Sync: This offers a live sync option so that both systems are always up-to-speed.
  • Remote Control Sync: Increased auditing of the remote-control sessions creates accountability and visibility that helps techs and end customers move projects forward securely and efficiently.
  • ConnectWise Command Performance Updates: Resolve tickets more efficiently with ITS Portal screens that load up to 50% faster.

Use new, multi-level approvals as gatekeepers to protect your organization’s profitability.

  • Multi-Level Approvals: Over-discounting and improper scoping can be costly when it comes to your margins and client relationships. With Multi-Level Approvals coming soon, you can now create advanced rules that require sign-off from identified stakeholders before customers see pricing.

Enjoy user interface enhancements that make it easier to find what you’re looking for faster.

  • Partner Usability Improvements: Now, already-great features of ConnectWise Control® are even easier to access and adopt. This includes:
  • Easier Fourth Column Details: The details of this area, including the device details, now have a better layout that makes it easy to quickly find the information you need.
  • Hover Modal Text: Now, you can hover over more areas of the system to get a helpful hint. No more clicking around until you find what you're looking for.
  • Trigger Creation Updates We've now made it even easier to create triggers with an easier-to-use interface.

New Product: ConnectWise Fortify SaaS Security

This is a managed detection and response solution designed to monitor active Microsoft 365™ environments for anomalous user behavior, distinguishing attackers from legitimate users. It includes:

  • Incident Alerts: A set of alerts created by the ConnectWise SOC that detects incidents that occur in SMBs Microsoft cloud environment.
  • Dashboard: Get access to a Perch dashboard that provides visibility into the activity within the cloud infrastructure at both the MSP and client level.
  • Reports: Reports can be exported from the platform on demand by the MSP for date and time ranges of their choosing and shared with internal and client users.
  • SOC: Learn how to effectively respond to active threats with expert guidance from our SOC team

New Product: ConnectWise Fortify Assessment Standard: This new addition to the ConnectWise Fortify Assessment family provides an expanded set of insights into an SMB client’s cybersecurity risks, providing a holistic view into any environment by scanning for dark web exposures, endpoint health, user risks, and open vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability Scanning: ConnectWise Fortify Assessment will scan against known vulnerabilities and incorporate the findings into a holistic picture.
  • 360-Degree View of Cybersecurity: In addition to scanning the dark web, get new data regarding endpoint health and user risk as well as a variety of new data points, including asset discovery, missing patches, a risk score, and more.
  • Friendly Customer-Ready Report: All of this new data is now packaged in a presentation-ready report for prospects that includes an overall risk assessment score. In addition, there’s a detailed report for a partner’s own team that can be used to follow up with the prospect.

To learn more about the new ConnectWise Fortify Assessment Standard offering, click here.

The ConnectWise PSA (formerly Manage) 2020.3 update simplifies invoicing by allowing users to create invoices from agreements with the new “Create Invoice” button that’s been added to the “Agreement” tab. This button allows you to create the first or next agreement invoice directly from the agreement record.

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New remote access integration: ConnectWise Control® is the go-to remote control solution for instant and reliable connectivity, and now it’s accessible via a single click in ConnectWise Command. With this new ability to easily enable remote access from ConnectWise Command, you can seamlessly perform services requiring remote endpoint access far more efficiently. 

Faster agent setup: ConnectWise Command has updated the new agent setup process. The new and streamlined installation now only takes three to four minutes, and endpoints now populate the “New Devices” screen within five minutes. 

Duplicate policies: Gone are the days of starting from scratch when working through the policy creation process. The newest ConnectWise Automate® feature allows you to easily duplicate existing policies to streamline the policy-creation process.

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New videos make business personal again by letting your sales reps add touches to their quotes—like professional headshots and personal videos.

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ConnectWise Control has worked diligently to determine what features and functions partners use the most to drive efficiencies and value for their customers. With this information, we've made several user interface updates to ensure partners have those value-driving features right at their fingertips.

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ConnectWise Fortify Assessment Standard: This new, client-facing vulnerability assessment helps you discuss your client's security vulnerability with an easy-to-consume report. ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment also includes dark web scanning and monitoring.

ConnectWise Fortify SaaS: Powered by Perch, this tool protects your customers from business attacks by monitoring Microsoft 365® and Azure® Active Directory by detecting abnormal user behavior, creating alerts, and managing responses.

BrightGauge, a ConnectWise solution, provides 40+ integrations that come with pre-built default gauges, so you can start tracking your data right out-of-the-box.

ITBoost Version 4: ITBoost, a ConnectWise solution, now includes speed and performance improvements, as well as a net new feature for Premium partners called Asset Discovery. 

Asset Discovery enables partners to auto-discover and collect granular asset data and other details from the supported cloud integrations, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365, and more.

ConnectWise BCDR (formerly Recover 2.9) includes new features and enhancements along with critical bug fixes. 

ConnectWise SaaS Backup™ (formerly Recover Saas): This tool now offers an unlimited retention option. Partners will move to a flat, cost-based pricing structure that allows users to set retention rates based on each client's compliance and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Perch and StratoZen join the ConnectWise family: In November 2020, ConnectWise acquired Perch and StratoZen as a step forward for creating the only intelligent, security-centric platform powered by data. This solution combines talent and technology through SOC and SIEM services. 

StratoZen and Perch add an enhanced data management layer through the ability to ingest data from multiple sources and add useful context to alerts, delivering better and faster discovery and mitigation of even the most complex threats.