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ConnectWise Help Desk Services

Here for you 24/7/365

Hiring, training, certifying, and retaining your own staff diverts valuable resources from the priorities that matter most to your business. With ConnectWise Help Desk Services™, you can provide the consistent, scalable, and high-quality service your customers depend on, at a cost that makes sense for your budget.

Learn about the features of ConnectWise Help Desk Services

Level 1 to level 2 support

With Help Desk, you’ll be on call with your customers 24/7/365. There’s no problem we can’t solve for you, with level 1 through level 2-trained support techs equipped to resolve any endpoint, networking, security, or BDR issue thrown our way.

Certified, highly trained technicians

The Help Desk staff has open access to a plethora of reference resources, and collectively maintains more than 24+ distinct certifications, including the most essential IT certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, VMware, Linux, Oracle, and Amazon.

White-label routing and response

With Help Desk, you can quickly and seamlessly add phone, chat, and/or email support represented through you or your customer’s brand. By white-labeling your support channels, you can boost your brand visibility while strengthening the loyalty of your clients.

Bulls-eye routing

Your clients are routed to the same Help Desk technicians to continually learn the ins and outs of their businesses and technology to strengthen your relationships with your clients and improve the customer experience.

Time is money

See how much time and money you can save outsourcing help desk duties to ConnectWise Help Desk Services. Let our team handle your clients during business hours, after hours and weekends, or 24x7. You're sure to save both time and money with the Help Desk.

Fully staffed help desk techs at your service

Watch a quick overview to see how ConnectWise Help Desk Services deliver scalable tech support and services for your growing TSP.


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