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CCleaner for Automate - Business Edition
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Working Together Like Clockwork

Endpoints that run slow, constantly crash, and use too much disk space can be a drain on your clients’ productivity. And manually cleaning each endpoint diverts time away from fixing major issues. CCleaner allows users to proactively manage an unlimited number of agents from a single tool. With integration in ConnectWise Automate, endpoint cleaning and optimization is easier than ever.

ConnectWise Automate® Integration

With CCleaner and ConnectWise Automate, automation takes control of deployment, management, and cleaning of all your managed endpoints. Other features include:

  • Authorized Licenses for MSPs: Deliver proactive cleaning and maintenance
  • Automated Deployment and Management: No need to rely on hacked, out-of-date scripts and inconsistent results
  • Policy Settings for Global, Client, and Agent Levels: Set CCleaner and forget it—leaving your techs time for more important tasks
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Diagnose computer slowdown and put rules in place to prevent issues in the future
  • Find and Remove Rogue Registry Entries: Helps with patch management and compliance requirements

What Makes Our Partnership Unique

Why CCleaner?

As the industry’s most downloaded cleaning tool, CCleaner is the tool of choice for endpoint cleaning and optimization. CCleaner’s patented technology automatically cleans and optimizes endpoints for maximum efficiency—without your techs doing a thing. Your clients will experience increased endpoint performance with minimal downtime, while you save time and resources.

Key Facts

download file

Over 20 million downloads per month


35 petabytes cleaned every month


Proven to give PCs 28% freer RAM on overage


20x faster than cleaning manually

“We have been using CCleaner Business Edition as an MSP for a couple of years but struggled with good integration and metrics. The new ConnectWise Automate integration has changed all of that. Installation, configuration, and deployment are a breeze, and the metrics (reports) we are able to get are a great way to continuously reinforce the value to our client base. Clients report overall system-wide performance improvements, and we are now providing better security to our client base with the use of CCleaner Business Edition.”

- Jeff Brock, Networks of Florida

Put an End to Manually Cleaning Customer Endpoints

Learn How to Automate Endpoint Optimization with CCleaner

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