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ImageNet quadruples managed services revenue in under two years with ConnectWise

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Quality – Customer satisfaction is high thanks to fast response times and 80%+ first-call resolution

Revenue – Revenue has grown 4x in under two years

Business – A lean staffing model with efficient service delivery enables rapid growth across locations

To unleash its full potential for growth ImageNet Consulting had to overcome the constraints of staff overheard and manual back-end processes.
ImageNet Consulting delivers comprehensive managed IT services and support for 24,000+ users through a highly efficient delivery model powered by ConnectWise.
ImageNet Consulting is driving rapid growth in both customers and revenue while ensuring high levels of quality and satisfaction.

“People think they need 500 people to be a full-service MSP, but we tell them they can succeed with just two or three people in a branch. Our success methodology and outcome delivery chains are very well thought-out. Having ConnectWise as a partner we can count on to enable that model is huge for me—it gives me rock-solid sustainability on the back end as a foundation for our business”

- Juan Fernandez, VP of Managed IT Services, ImageNet Consulting

With a history dating back to the typewriter repair days, ImageNet has evolved to become a Managed Service Provider industry powerhouse. While the company’s franchise network offers a diverse portfolio of business services ranging from copiers, printers, and scanners to mobile workforce management, its Managed IT Services division is by far its fastest-growing area—less than four years after its entry into the market. “Our MSP division is growing exponentially,” says Juan Fernandez, the company’s VP of Managed IT Services. “A lot of that is due to our ability to scale faster and build a better offering through our partnership with ConnectWise.”

Before teaming up with ConnectWise, ImageNet’s in-house approach to service delivery had posed barriers to profitability. It took too long to bring new staff members up to speed, and it was too hard to keep them fully productive without risking overutilization. “We didn’t have an efficient back-end automation, Help Desk staff would end up getting drained, and turnover became a problem as well,” says Fernandez. “At the end of the day, we weren’t doing ourselves any favors running our own help desk—we weren’t hitting our SLAs or doing the best for our customers. We wanted to simplify the equation and find a better delivery model.”

After piloting ConnectWise with two customers, ImageNet “flipped the switch” on January 1, 2018, and brought its entire customer base over to ConnectWise services including Integrated Expert Services, formerly a Continuum solution, ConnectWise Help Desk Services™ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution, backed by the ConnectWise NOC Services (NOC) for RMM, and ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management, formerly a Continuum solution, backed by the ConnectWise SOC Services™ (SOC), to protect customers from cyberthreats.

A major shift brings a big improvement in customer satisfaction

The size of ImageNet’s business at the time its ConnectWise partnership began did pose a few challenges. “With thousands of seats to transition over, we were a big addition to ConnectWise’s business. It was rough at first, I’ll be honest, but everyone we dealt with there was in it to win it. They worked their tails off to make sure we were taken care of—they gave the kind of support to us that we want to give to our customers, as they continue to do to this day,” says Fernandez. ImageNet’s customers soon saw the value of working with the ConnectWise help desk. “Before, with our three-person internal help desk, it took time to get back to customers,” says Fernandez. “Now users can get a response in under one minute whether they obtain support through phone, chat, or email, and tickets don’t age longer than 24 hours to full resolution.” More than 80 percent of issues are resolved on the first call, helping ImageNet achieve high customer satisfaction.

Both revenue and customer base climb steeply

ImageNet’s customer base has more than doubled since its ConnectWise partnership began, while revenue has quadrupled. “With our old model, the fully burdened cost of an employee was too high to recoup through the number of seats they could handle without getting burned out. We were losing money. The ConnectWise model is far more efficient so we can scale for less and everyone makes more money,” says Fernandez. “ConnectWise also enables us to offer a broader range of services to our customers and cover all sides of their business transformation. That also means we’re also selling more per customer, which helps revenue.”

Currently the fastest growing division of its parent company’s revenue, Fernandez projects that the Managed IT Services division will eclipse the total revenue of its massive legacy print business within the next decade. “That’s a big opportunity considering this is a $120+ million company. I’m up for the challenge. Working in partnership with ConnectWise, it’s easy to do,” says Fernandez.

An efficient and scalable business model enables sustainable growth

“ConnectWise enables us to offer a broader range of high-quality services to our customers, but for us, the help desk is the key component to building our success,” says Fernandez. “I can count on it, and it allows us to scale.” As the company pitches new franchisees to continue to build its network, currently 19 locations in six states, this model proves highly compelling. “People think they need 500 staffers to be a full-service MSP, but we tell them they can succeed with just two or three people in a branch. Our success methodology and outcome delivery chains are very well thought-out. Having ConnectWise as a partner we can count on to enable that model is huge for me—it gives me rock-solid sustainability on the back end as a foundation for our MSP business.”

Looking ahead

“We’ve built something special, and our partnership with ConnectWise makes that possible,” says Fernandez. “It both saves us money and helps us generate more revenue, and it’s scalable. Staying the same size over time isn’t a strategy—it’s a hobby. We’re now growing at a ridiculous pace, and we’re not done yet. We have a young, hungry team, we’re highly competitive, and we love a challenge.”

Cybersecurity Threat Detection & Response

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management takes cybersecurity threat detection and response to new heights. With powerful assessments, protection, detection, and response capabilities, technology solution providers (TSPs) are able to stay ahead of the latest threats and provide the security services their clients expect. Expert SOC services are available 24/7/365 to bridge the security skills gap and provide rapid threat response to TSP’s managed environments, allowing for scalable security services and around-the-clock protection.

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