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How ConnectWise Helped One Company Better Manage Its Rapid Growth and Get Business Back on Track

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Calvert Technologies

Calvert Technologies was founded in Adelaide, South Australia in 1995 to help businesses maximise their technology investment and help them achieve their business objectives. As Calvert Technologies grew, the requirement for greater functionality from their existing systems to cater for the increased business complexity that was introduced needed to be addressed.

While Calvert Technologies’ success was on the back of being able to build deep personal relationships with their customers, Calvert Technologies saw a greater opportunity to leverage best practices to collect customers’ information to introduce greater actionable business insights.

Calvert Technologies found their existing solutions did not allow them to adapt to complex evolving business requirements, implement modern best practices, and help build a resilient, scalable business.
With specific functionality requirements and with the opportunity to leverage a number of other industry business process best practices, Calvert Technologies identified a scalable solution in ConnectWise to cater for the operational complexities in which Calvert Technologies required to be addressed.
ConnectWise is a platform which has been able to simplify the collection of information which allows Calvert Technologies the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their customers. This has allowed Calvert Technologies the ability to hold more strategic discussions with customers and position themselves as strategic technology advisors within the customers’ business.

‘My personal thing is to grow people, so I brought them into the business, they’ve been able to use ConnectWise, and all the systems etc. to get onboarded, start to have a bit of better work-life balance and then they’ve been able to go on and do something else to be more successful. So, that’s been good. In terms of growth, it’s more about growing people rather than growing the business. Certainly, we do grow as an organisation, just not the same way that so many other businesses do.’

- Dean Calvert, Managing Director, Calvert Technologies

Simplifying Business

Calvert Technologies turned to ConnectWise to help simplify and implement best practices to address the growing businesses complexities and leverage processes to gain an even greater understanding of their customers.

‘Through leveraging customer information gathered from all customer touchpoints across our business, we are able to present solutions that help our customers increase business efficiencies and assist them to increase overall productivity,’ said Dean Calvert, Managing Director at Calvert Technologies.

Today, Calvert Technologies can proactively identify if a technical issue being experienced is user error or a problem with the technology. After the diagnosis, Calvert Technologies presents to their customer options so that a decision on whether additional training or a new solution to address the technology issue is required.

Delivering actionable business insight has not only helped build deeper relationships but has helped Calvert Technologies deliver a greater customer experience. ‘Automation helps us to not only streamline some business processes and drive efficiencies but has helped us also deliver greater customer engagement consistency and customer experience’ says Calvert.

The switch happened at exactly the right time. ‘I’ve never second-guessed the decision to go to ConnectWise,’ said Calvert. ‘I’ve never needed to go back and confirm for myself that it was the right decision because I know, had we stayed where we were, we wouldn’t have been able to grow and do it with some of the complexities that we’re working with now.’

Leveraging Best Practices to Drive Engagement

Not only have Calvert Technologies’ customers benefited from the implementation of ConnectWise, but so have their employees. New employees are able to easily access ConnectWise University to ensure they are up to speed as quickly as possible and are implementing the best practices that are in place to drive business efficiencies.

Calvert Technologies has leveraged the ConnectWise University training to also help build better business processes and relationships between employees and customers. By trying to standardise customer engagement within Calvert Technologies, they are able to clearly communicate to their customers a best practice framework that has been developed to help deliver upon its customers’ needs and expectations.


Looking to the Future

ConnectWise has provided Calvert Technologies application scalability which provides them with the opportunity to prepare for whatever the future holds, even as it continues to further mature as a business and grow and diversify into more complex fields.

‘What becomes ever important is how MSPs differentiate themselves to everybody else that might be using the same tools. There are many ways in which ConnectWise can deliver business benefits from delivering customer insights, to driving innovation and delivering customer experience, you just need to understand it’s power so as to help deliver your business value,’ said Calvert.

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