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ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise is now ConnectWise Manage®

You can expect an even better experience as we unify our solutions to simplify your success.

View Our Product Demo for a Quick Overview of How ConnectWise Manage Can Boost Your Business!

ConnectWise, LLC. Offers You the Business Management You Know and Love, and So Much More

Running a successful technology business takes a strong mix of people, process, and tools. At ConnectWise, LLC., our mission is to support your success with a platform that helps you manage your business, sell more effectively, automate service delivery, and control technology effectively. That’s why we’ve changed the name of our flagship products –to reflect who we are and what our products really do for you.

Formerly known simply as ConnectWise, ConnectWise Manage is still the same business management solution 100,000+ technology solution providers rely on to run a tightly unified business. Now simplifying our software under one company means you have one team backing your business end-to-end, every step of your journey.

Get to Know ConnectWise Manage

Help Desk

Offer next-level service with efficient issue management. Maximize productivity and support thanks to streamlined communication, simplified documentation, and the power to never miss a beat.

Achieve Service Excellence >>


Build your professional reputation and strengthen client relationships with smarter agreements. Streamline operations to ensure your agreements are met and your clients are supported.

Deliver on Agreements >>

Account Management

When everything you need to know about a client is in one location, you can keep lines of communication open. Rely on a central system to build stronger relationships.

Centralize Client Data >>

Sales & Marketing

Grow your business with stronger sales and marketing. Simple, easy-to-use tools give you the power to fill your pipeline, manage sales opportunities, and secure more wins.

Boost Sales >>


Simplify processes to ease the transition from sales, to purchasing, to finance. Keep inventory accurate, manage orders, set pricing, and create a simpler procurement experience.

Streamline Procurement >>

Time Tracking & Billing

Keep every moment tracked, billed, and profitable with intuitive tracking. Deliver accurate, timely invoices, and capture the revenue you deserve.

Master Tracking and Billing >>

Project Management

Projects don’t have to be late, expensive, or unfinished. Best practices and smart resources give you the ability to bill and schedule projects, centralize documentation, and keep teams synced.

Keep Projects on Track >>


Get immediate access to your vital business information so you can make smarter business decisions with ease. Centralize data to drive your business success.

Fuel Reporting >>

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Watch a Demo of ConnectWise Manage

Explore the robust features of our business management solution.

Sell, Service, and Support Technology Better with our Complete Suite

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