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Cybersecurity Management Solutions

No matter where you are in the cybersecurity services journey, ConnectWise offers the software, support, and solutions that are critical to protecting your clients and your business. Solutions are easy to deploy and administer with licensing models that make sense for MSPs. Learn more about EDR, SIEM, risk assessment, cloud app security, security policy management, and a 24/7 SOC.

Our cybersecurity philosophies

Cybersecurity is part of our company DNA. We believe in proactive research, preparation, and prevention to keep our products secure and our partners safe. We are committed to continually updating our incident response plan, taking rapid action, and transparent communication if we experience a cyber-event.

Cybersecurity trust center

We take your data privacy seriously, and it’s our responsibility to keep our software secure. The ConnectWise Trust Center outlines our cybersecurity policies and practices, including how we stay compliant with global and regional regulations and standards. Follow the linksbelow to find advisories, bulletins, hardening guides, and other helpful cybersecurity information for the TSP industry.

Partner program

Our full-support Partner Program is built to help you develop and grow your cybersecurity practice. The program has options that include cybersecurity education and training, go-to-market strategy, marketing guidance, sales support, campaigns in a box, a dedicated partner development manager, and more.

SOC services

Extend your team without the time-consuming chore and cost of hiring cybersecurity talent.ConnectWise SOC services combine expert security analysts with cutting-edge threa tintelligence to manage all your cybersecurity monitoring—24/7. Our SOC also supports our Incident Response Service, a solution that provides real-time management, guidance, andanalysis to help MSPs investigate, remediate, and recover from a severe security incident. 

Cybersecurity education + resources

Feel prepared and confident to protect clients with access to cybersecurity resources and subject-matter experts that keep you in the loop and moving forward. 

IT Nation Secure™

The premiere cybersecurity event focused on MSPs.

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ConnectWise Certify™

Cybersecurity education and certification programs.

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Cyber Research Unit (CRU)

The latest cybersecurity research and recommendations. 

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Our commitment

To you and your clients

Navigating the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape can feel overwhelming. You’re managing cybersecurity best practices and customer safety, but you’re also wondering if your product vendors are secure. You’re not alone.

Our priority is to help you protect your customers and business, and we do this in two ways. First, we commit to keeping our products secure, and second, we provide information, education, and solutions to help MSPs build their own cybersecurity services.

The ConnectWise Cybersecurity Center exists to help you clearly see cybersecurity intelligence, resources, and best practices specific to MSP businesses. We continually research and access cybersecurity experts to build resilient and flexible programs, solutions, and services that help you meet your cybersecurity and service offering goals.

More cybersecurity resources

Industry Reports
2023 MSP Threat Report
The ConnectWise “2023 MSP Threat Report” addresses the cyberthreat landscape specifically for MSP, including a review of 2022 and future predictions.
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Industry Reports
The State of SMB Cybersecurity in 2022
Learn more about what SMBs are demanding and your opportunity in this Vanson Borne report sponsored by ConnectWise.
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Cybersecurity Tech Stack Series: ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management Portfolio Overview
As a TSP, it’s crucial that you have cybersecurity tech stack that meets your needs. Select your tools from the ConnectWise cybersecurity portfolio. Watch the webinar to see how you can maximize security coverage with the right solutions.
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The Total Economic Impact™ Study of ConnectWise Cybersecurity Solutions and Services
Leveraging the latest cybersecurity solutions can help you navigate the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Read this Forrester study to learn how ConnectWise partners grew their cybersecurity business and maximized profitability.
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