Tigerpaw vs. ConnectWise PSA

PSA software comparison. Understand the differences and choose the right one.


ConnectWise PSA: Essential features for MSPs

Are you feeling pulled in different directions? Like daily business operations are pulling you away from being an MSP?

Achieve Operational Efficiency

People, projects, and performance are all in one place with ConnectWise PSA. Track project management, employee timesheets, performance KPIs, and more all from ConnectWise PSA's simple dashboard reporting. Our pipeline reporting can even simplify your sales process to bring in more revenue.

Elevate Your Customer Service

ConnectWise PSA allows you to delight your clients at every touch point. Our service desk and ticket features streamline your customer service, keep open tickets and response times low, and keep customers happier. The ConnectWise PSA end-user portal provides customers with a one-stop shop to interact with you.

Embrace Automation

ConnectWise PSA not only connects your entire organization, but it also automates repetitive tasks and can alert the right team member(s) when something doesn’t adhere to your processes. Couple this with powerful, robust integrations and your business can be way more efficient.

Increase profitability

ConnectWise PSA drives efficiencies and elevated visibility throughout the business lifecycle, helping drive profits through saved time and streamlined operations. Additionally, WisePay for PSA* simplifies and streamlines the collections process, driving predictable cash flow.

*WisePay for PSA is available in Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Enjoy AI Innovation

ConnectWise PSA is constantly evolving and bringing innovation to market. ConnectWise PSA will soon make AI capabilities available within Service Tickets, providing technicians with a quick understanding of customer sentiment, ticket summarizations, possible resolutions, and will even generate email replies to customers.

Tigerpaw vs. ConnectWise PSA: Side-by-side

Look at a true comparison of how Tigerpaw PSA stacks up against ConnectWise PSA.


Build out your business automation with ConnectWise

When you compare, it’s clear that ConnectWise is the stronger option. ConnectWise PSA offers more of what you need to scale and grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your business with ConnectWise PSA. To get started, contact us today. 

If you’re looking for more business management solutions, try a ConnectWise PSA demo. It may be the perfect tool to help you automate pesky operational tasks. We offer trials & demos of most of our MSP tools, so choose the platform that works best for you.

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What is a PSA software?

A PSA software is a professional services automation platform. These software applications help MSPs, and other IT professionals automate the everyday tasks of running a business like customer management, help desk management,billing, reporting, and more. Everything is handled in the background so MSPs can focus on what they do best, providing managed IT services.

What is PSA in automation?

A PSA, or professional services automation platform can automate anything relating to the daily operations of your business. This could include customer support, help desk tickets, client relationships, HR functions, billing, etc. Leveraging this technology is beneficial to MSPs and other IT professionals who want to automate daily business operations and focus more on IT services.

What does PSA mean?

PSA means professional services automation. MSPs and other IT professionals use PSA platforms to automate the everyday operational tasks of their businesses. This frees them to focus solely on providing their clients with first-class IT services.