Top 10 popular ConnectWise Manage features

| By:
Linda Brotherton

Over 100,000 partners across the globe are using the ConnectWise Manage® business management platform to better run their businesses, and that number is growing! Wondering what the buzz is all about? First, we’ll tell you.

The ConnectWise Manage business management platform was designed to fit your unique business needs. Whether you sell, service, or support technology, the features in this industry-leading platform will help you gain visibility into daily operations, and capture more billable time with less effort.

Now, we’ll show you! Here are the top 10 most popular features of ConnectWise Manage. Click the titles to watch partner feedback videos on these features, and how they impacted processes at their businesses.

1. One centralized system

ConnectWise breaks down the Silos of Chaos®, and builds bridges between islands of information. How exactly? When your business data is in one place, it creates a seamless transition from one part of your business to the next.

2. Time tracking

What was once a daunting task, time tracking is now an afterthought thanks to the power of automation. ConnectWise helps you easily and accurately capture billable time in all its forms, even phone calls, emails, and chat sessions!

3. Project management

Projects are simplified with this feature that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your operation. Automated workflows and templates provide an intuitive approach to managing projects of any scale, while promoting accountability for all those involved.

4. Billing

The automated workflows that helped you capture billable time (#2 on this list) are turned into invoices so you can get proactive about your billing process, and sustaining a healthy cash flow.

5. Support and ticketing

Tickets encapsulate all aspects of service, whether it’s a live chat interaction, an email, a phone call, or an on-premise inspection, adding value to your service delivery, and efficiency to your time tracking and billing processes.

6. Scheduling and dispatching

Keep your daily operations organized, and avoid overloading (or under-scheduling) your techs. With clear visibility into each employee’s workload, your dispatcher can accurately assign tasks to techs maximizing employee utilization and streamlining service delivery.

7. Dashboards and reporting

Your business metrics are crucial for making decisions. But when the data you need is spread out across disparate systems, it can be difficult to decipher what’s really going on. The reporting feature within the business management platform allows you the ability to decipher data from all angles.

8. Outstanding community

In addition to gaining deeper insights into your business, you’re also gaining access to the ConnectWise community. A combination of our team and a growing network of IT professionals, our community is one of our biggest differentiators.

9. Extendable platform

We believe it's important to provide choices, so we invest heavily in our ever-evolving ecosystem that extends from the roots of the ConnectWise platform. Our platform consists of 165+ top-notch solutions you can purchase through us plus even more integrations available for free in our Marketplace.

10. Tools for your success

With hundreds of pages of helpful documentation, and access to partner-generated templates, the marketplace has everything you’re looking for to optimize your ConnectWise experience, and boost your bottom line.

Even though this list will likely evolve, as we’re constantly working to bring you new game-changing features and enhancements, we want to know what you think of our top 10. Did you see your favorite ConnectWise feature in the lineup? Tell us in the comments!