Check out the Q4 2020 ConnectWise platform update

| By: Jeff Bishop

Security and productivity remain top priorities for technology solution providers in 2021 and beyond. To help IT service providers meet the growing demand for fast and effective solutions, the Q4 2020 ConnectWise update includes new product acquisitions, streamlined workflows, and deeper integration across the platform.

New product acquisitions

In November 2020, ConnectWise acquired Perch and StratoZen as part of its long-term vision to create the only intelligent, security-centric platform powered by data. Combining talent and technology through security operations center (SOC) and security information and event management (SIEM) services, TSPs can mitigate complex threats faster and more effectively.

Commitment to innovation

ConnectWise remains committed to driving innovations in productivity and IT service delivery within the technology services space. As such, we’ll continue to bring new solutions into the ConnectWise platform and prioritize business-critical enhancements to existing platform solutions. This duel-pronged approach empowers us to deliver relevant, comprehensive solutions that help technology service providers effectively and profitably go to market with robust IT solutions.

ConnectWise platform enhancements

Each quarter, our product groups announce updates and enhancements to tools across the ConnectWise platform. From new features to simplified workflows, these updates deliver added value by way of new shortcuts, automation, and management capabilities. Here are six of the many new capabilities you’ll find in the Q4 update:

1. Create accurate invoices faster

Getting paid for all your hard work is essential. To help partners create accurate invoices even faster, the latest ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) update empowers users to generate invoices directly from agreements, saving valuable time and minimizing opportunities for manual errors. To learn more about this new capability, read ConnectWise’s Q4 2020 product release notes.

2. Set up and deliver RMM services faster

With added integration and enhancements across ConnectWise remote monitoring and management solutions, partners can now access the ConnectWise Control® remote access solution via a single click from ConnectWise Command™.

Also, the agent setup process in ConnectWise Command now takes just three-to-four minutes, and endpoints now populate the “New Devices” screen within five minutes. To simplify policy creation, you can now duplicate existing policies in ConnectWise Automate®.

3. Personalize the virtual sales process

The digital sales process just became a bit more personal thanks to ConnectWise CPQ™ (formerly Sell) updates. Now, sales reps add personalized videos and headshots to their quotes.

4. Get greater threat-detection and prevention capabilities

As organizations grapple with sustaining long-term remote workforces, the need for cybersecurity continues to rise. The new ConnectWise Fortify™ Assessment Standard provides client-facing vulnerability assessments that include dark web scanning.

In addition, ConnectWise Fortify SaaS, powered by Perch, monitors for business attacks on Microsoft 365® and Azure® Active Directory environments, providing deeper threat-detection and prevention options.

5. Auto-discover assets

Version 4 of ITBoost®, a ConnectWise solution, now includes an “Asset Discovery” feature that equips Premium partners to auto-discover and collect data on select Microsoft and Amazon cloud assets. To learn about this and other capabilities available in this update, read this post: Discover 5 Efficiency Upgrades in ITBoost V4.

6. Right-size data retention timeframes

Data retention needs vary based on the markets your customers serve. Instead of using valuable storage space to house all data for the maximum possible required retention period, now you can customize that timeframe based on each client’s compliance and regulatory requirements. This allows for space and cost-savings via a new flat, cost-based pricing structure with unlimited data-retention options available in ConnectWise SaaS Backup™ (formerly Recover SaaS).

Explore the latest ConnectWise platform updates

Deep integration between new, existing, and future ConnectWise platform products is a top priority. Our goal is to deliver the engine for operating an efficient, secure, and profitable technology services business. This post just detailed a few of the many updates we’re delivering in the Q4 2020 update. For a complete list of enhancements in this update and many others, visit our release notes webpage.