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ConnectWise Automate

Keep Endpoints Secure with Automated Patch Management

Explore Patching Features of ConnectWise Automate

Set Patch Policies for Protection

Take your pick from multiple out-of-the-box options to automate patching within systems. Define which patches should be approved, if they should be staged, when they are to be installed, and how the agent should react in case of a reboot.

Prepare for More than Patch Tuesday

Gone are the days of Microsoft releasing updates, hotfixes, and rollups only on the second Tuesday of the month. Since the release of Windows 10, the update schedule is more fluid. Let your team know within hours of an applicable update being released.

Guard Against Third Party Software Attacks

Third-party software is one of the most common attack vectors for hacks and exploits. Get visibility into the industry-standard CVSS at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and go beyond basic Microsoft patching with protection for commonly exploited third-party software.

Protect Your Clients with Third-Party Patch Management >>

Never Miss an Update Again

As an MSP, your customers expect patching to be included, and manually patching multiple machines isn’t a good use of your techs time. Automate patch approval and installation to keep customers up to date, secure, and productive.

Keep Customers Compliant

Keeping track of industry regulations and compliance standards can be tricky. Don’t let outdated patches cause compliance issues. Keep clients up to date with industry regulations with automated patch policies and approval.

Patch with Confidence

Make patch management one less thing to worry about with ConnectWise Automate.

Explore Other ConnectWise Automate Features


Streamline your IT operations. From simple tasks to complex processes, you can automate IT.

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Monitor Anything from Anywhere

Provide the best in proactive service by monitoring for IT problems and then automating actions.

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