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Interactive online quotes to help make a good first impression

With little to no learning curve, ConnectWise CPQ simplifies proposal delivery. Impress clients with a customized, branded online quote. You can even add resources—including personalized videos—to cross and upsell them on relevant solutions. Integrated, legally-binding eSignature functionality will solidify the deal with a single click.

Explore the dynamic quoting features of ConnectWise CPQ

Online quote delivery

With ConnectWise CPQ Online Quote Delivery, you can quickly present a polished, interactive Web quote to your customers before they expect it. Customers can simply sign-off on your proposal or share it with team members for collective decision review.

Post-delivery insight

With post-submission tracking, ConnectWise CPQ Online Quote Delivery notifies your reps when your customers interact with your proposal. You can view delivery time, and every interaction that the recipient takes after delivery. Equip yourself with insight to make an appropriate next call.

White-label quotes

Deliver something your customers may not expect—a customized, branded proposal in short order. ConnectWise CPQ Online Quote Delivery gives you professional-looking product and service solution quotes that level or exceed the playing field with your most established competitors.

Flexible quote options

Like customizing a vehicle with options online, ConnectWise CPQ Online Quote Delivery lets you present quotes in summary or detail format to your clients, while enabling them to choose and price various configurations to best meet their technical requirements and budgetary constraints.


No more printing, signing, uploading, or faxing proposals to your clients. ConnectWise CPQ Online Quote Delivery empowers buyers to accept your proposal instantly with built-in and legally binding eSignature functionality—no matter where they sign from.

Secure online payments

Collect full or partial payments from customers via secure credit card processing using PayPal,, and ConnectBooster. ConnectWise CPQ Online Quote Delivery makes payment processing easy for your customers to pay, and easy for you to collect.

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See how you can quickly generate professional quotes and track results immediately with ConnectWise CPQ.

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"We love that a customer can download and adjust quotes. We’ve seen boosted sales because the power is in the customer’s hands.”

Carolyn Martin, Sales Operations Manager, IT Resource