Centralizing marketing data in your CRM

| By:
Mark Sokol

In order to execute your marketing strategy in the most effective way, you’ll need your business management platform (or CRM) and marketing automation tools to work together seamlessly; using one to generate leads, and the other to maintain them, so you can get a complete picture of your business.

You’ll need more than powerful tools to effectively market your business. Consider the advice in the previous posts:

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Once you’ve got your game plan ready, and know how to read the data you receive, prepare your business to use the combined power of your business management platform and marketing automation tools. Here’s how:

1. Don't bog down your contacts

Because not every lead instantly becomes a viable conversation, it’s important to have a place to store leads for you to develop using marketing strategies. In order for sales to have a valid conversation, create contacts in your CRM after leads become qualified by passing a certain threshold.

2. Tracking, tracking, tracking!

Being able to see information about your contact—like where they came from and specific information about them—is invaluable for your sales team. For instance, if sales downloaded a white paper and calls a customer about something unrelated, it could make the customer feel that the conversation isn't genuine.

With information tracked and shown in the contact’s profile, sales can now make a personalized call.

3. Harness reporting features

Getting feedback on which marketing strategies are working-and which ones aren't-is a great way to refine and re-deliver your message. Being able to see things like campaign engagement will give you insight into which campaigns are the most effective in generating viable leads.

This creates a better understanding of purchases based on your marketing efforts, making your ROI calculations accurate, so you can confidently take on the next big move in your business.

ConnectWise Campaign™ allows you to view marketing automation and your business management platform in one pane of glass. Use it for your marketing needs, and pass viable leads into ConnectWise for sales to call on, eliminating the fear that their time will be wasted on cold leads.