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Keep your clients secure with the complete security suite from ConnectWise
Cybersecurity isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it service, and there’s not a single tool that can solve every security issue. Threats are continuing to evolve and become more painful and expensive for SMBs every year. Your cybersecurity solutions need to evolve just as quickly and deliver a layered approach to deal with every issue. 
ConnectWise cybersecurity solutions deliver complete and complementary tools to cover every level of security, from initial risk assessments to threat detection and response to disaster recovery. And since every SMB has its own unique security needs, ConnectWise cybersecurity solutions integrate with a growing number of third-party tools to give a choice in how you build your solution stack. 

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Products to Help You Identify & Protect

Give your clients a comprehensive view of their security risks across systems, people, and processes and present safeguards to ensure their critical environments and data are secure. 
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Risk Assessment

Identify weak spots in your client’s security posture, including dark web exposure, and pinpoint security vulnerabilities to mitigate risk, enhance endpoint health, and more. 

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Improve your clients’ security posture by establishing profiles and scoring risk to set ideal alert thresholds to help stop threats before they occur. 

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Risk Profiler

Stay up to date with your clients’ security needs with our questionnaire-based tool to routinely assess threats and overall security posture. 

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ConnectWise Cybersecurity Products to Help You Detect & Respond

Advanced detection tools continuously monitor networks, endpoints, and cloud applications for malicious behavior and quickly respond when an incident occurs. 
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Endpoint Detection & Response

Advanced threat detection, behavioral AI, and the fully staffed ConnectWise SOC protect client endpoints to detect, mitigate, and remediate threats.

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Cloud Security

Monitor and detect abnormal user behavior in Microsoft® cloud apps, like Microsoft 365® and Azure® AD, to stop threats before they compromise your clients’ users and data.

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Add an extra layer of defense and expand your security to prevention and detection with the flexible and powerful Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).  

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Deliver quick and secure BDR confidently through advanced automation and the backing of the ConnectWise NOC with ConnectWise Recover™. 

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