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How we message The IT Nation

Messaging for The IT Nation has a welcoming, inviting, and inspirational tone. We speak to The IT Nation like we are speaking to a friend, because that’s who we are—a community of peers working together for everyone’s success through collaboration, not competition.

In The IT Nation, we are all explorers, uncovering the tools to help each of us find our path in the IT universe. Our goal in The IT Nation is to take flight together, reach new heights, and uncover new galaxies in this IT universe with our fellow IT Nation voyagers.

The IT Nation brand needs to be included in all aspects of reference to “The IT Nation”—including all events, meetings, programs, etc. that are partner facing such as IT Nation Share, IT Nation Evolve, SEPG, IT Nation Connect, IT Nation Explore, etc. This can be done by including the IT Nation Torch logo or IT Nation Program/Event-Specific name logos (including IT Nation Share, IT Nation Evolve, IT Nation Connect, and IT Nation Explore).

The tagline for The IT Nation is “Wise Together. Rise Together.” The IT Nation is about working together to reach new heights, blasting off to propel us to our full potential as a team. If we are able to learn together and help each other grow, we are all able to improve. This sentiment of encouragement and unity should be included in messaging.

Our properties

Business transformation

IT Nation Connect – IT conference by ConnectWise

IT Nation Connect, IT conference by ConnectWise, is the premier event for companies that sell, support, and service technology. This three-day event brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and IT professionals ready to grow a strong company and obtain long-term success. Partners will take part in in-depth breakout sessions that keep them up to date on the latest industry trends, attend powerful keynotes from well-known industry leaders, and network with other IT professionals to make lasting connections.

IT Nation Connect is geared towards ConnectWise partners, IT professionals, anyone in sales, service, HR, finance, marketing, and more. Any IT professional is welcome at IT Nation Connect. Light product training is available at pre-event workshops, but the event content is focused on industry and business thought leadership.

IT Nation Evolve – peer groups by ConnectWise

IT Nation Evolve, peer groups by ConnectWise, is a member-based community dedicated to your growth. We help you navigate through your business journey with coaching, consulting, peer groups, and meetings. IT Nation Evolve brings IT leaders together to share experiences, engage with peers, and build a community with others ready to grow. At peer groups, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to build a legacy. A team of coaches and consultants help you define and achieve measurable outcomes that will move your personal and professional life forward. Through each service, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to build your business, and your legacy.

IT Nation Evolve is designed for ConnectWise partners and business owners to share experiences, engage with peers, and solidify their legacy. These quarterly, thought-leadership centered events provide tools to help businesses reach their full potential.

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Professional development

IT Nation Certify - certifications by ConnectWise

Role-based trainings and courses for product expertise and professional development

IT Nation Certify offers a variety of role-based trainings and courses designed to help you invest in educating yourself and your team to realize your vision of success. Through IT Nation Certify business transformation programs, you'll learn how to work smarter and be more productive by strengthening your understanding of TSP best practices and adoption of the ConnectWise platform.

IT Nation Secure - cybersecurity by ConnectWise

Helping TSPs build and grow their cybersecurity services

To ignite and enable a community of cybersecurity focused MSPs by providing an industry specific cybersecurity framework, supporting education, an aligned certification path, and delivering thought leadership for securing today’s digital landscape.

Product expertise

IT Nation Share – user groups by ConnectWise

IT Nation Share, user groups by ConnectWise, empowers ConnectWise partners to become product experts through in-depth training, best practices, and shared expertise from industry peers during one-day, regional events. These user groups bring together a close-knit community of partners ready to connect, collaborate, and grow. During these events, members meet to hear can’t-miss content, discuss challenges, and share ideas and advice. IT Nation Share comes at no additional cost to partners and is perfect for everyone in your organization—from operations to HR, sales and marketing, and everything in between. With different education opportunities focusing on ConnectWise products offered at each event, everyone in your organization can learn something from attending IT Nation Share.

IT Nation Share is for ConnectWise partners looking to network with and learn from other partners and industry experts. There are themes for each quarter’s meet up that allows for focused product training and sessions.

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IT Nation Explore – partner conference by ConnectWise

IT Nation Explore, partner conference by ConnectWise, is the premier technical event where partners can find in-depth ConnectWise product training, the Solutions Pavilion for direct access to some of the newest solutions on the market, and so much more. This annual event is for partners looking to grow their product-based expertise, network with like-minded solution providers, and connect with industry experts and technology vendors. Gain knowledge from ConnectWise product leadership and experts that helps you manage work more efficiently, automate workflows, and proactively monitor devices. IT Nation Explore is your chance to experience hands-on product training, get sneak peeks into upcoming enhancements, and attend breakout sessions that will take your ConnectWise knowledge to the next level.

IT Nation Explore is best for ConnectWise partners looking for hands-on training and deep dives into products. Product training encompasses all roles that work inside of the ConnectWise platform from tech to owner to operations.

IT Nation Evolve sub-name descriptions

For owners: Peer groups where owners can talk and learn from those who know what it takes to break through.

Evolve 1 – Online, virtual meetings where owners can collaborate with others to gain insight into topics including growing management teams and leaders, hiring practices to attract and retain top talent, maximizing the value of strategic vendor programs, and more.

Evolve 2 – Quarterly, face-to-face meetings that offer MSP owners an environment to share ideas and learn best practices for growing their businesses responsibly and profitably. Owners have the chance to build positive professional relationships and life-long connections, communicate with peers, and participate in in-depth sessions focused on growing every part of their organization—from leadership and management to employee relations and HR.

Evolve 3 – Quarterly, face-to-face meetings that provide a transformative environment for personal and professional growth. Owners have the chance to engage in conversation with IT industry peers, share insight and experiences, and get better together. These meetings are focused on topics in areas including leadership, management, sales and marketing, and more. To participate, businesses must have at least $750,000 in revenue and eight full-time employees.

For sales leaders: Semi-annual, face-to-face meetings where sales teams can focus on building critical foundations, including building leadership and management skills, setting and executing on goals, improving business financial principles, and more. Perfect for Account Executives, Business Development Managers, Sales Managers, and Inside Sales team members.

For service leaders: Semi-annual, face-to-face meetings where service teams can focus on building critical foundations, including learning best practices around professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms, comparing standardized metrics in peer groups, exposure to ideas to meet customer needs, and more. Perfect for Dispatchers, Service Managers, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Technology Officers.

For new members: Two-day, face-to-face meetings that help new members cultivate success, contribute more, and maximize long-term value within The IT Nation. Attendees will leave prepared for their first meeting and for success in future meetings, will have a full understanding of The IT Nation culture, and will be ready to engage in the programs and offerings available through IT Nation Evolve. For new members only.