8 things to bring with you to Dreamforce

| By: Steve Farnan

Are you heading to Dreamforce® for the first time, or maybe just need a refresher on what to pack for this epic conference? As veteran attendees, we have compiled a list of suitcase must-haves to make your trip a dream.

1. Business cards

With over 150,000 fellow members of the cloud ecosystem at Dreamforce, you’re going to meet a lot of folks you’ll want to follow up with after the conference. You can connect on social media sites, but there’s still no better way than exchanging business cards. Jot down action items right on their business card for super-easy follow up when you get home. And make sure you bring extras.

2. Comfy shoes

Dreamforce spans miles of San Francisco. Those brand new shoes or high heels might seem tempting, but your feet will thank you if you opt for the nice trusty pair of sneakers. Also, make sure to bring your pedometer or download an app to track all those steps!

3. Light jacket

San Francisco gets chilly, especially at night. Bring clothes you can layer and definitely don’t forget a jacket. With lows in the 50s, you don’t want to be out at night and get roped into buying one of those $75 Wharf sweatshirts.

4. Cash

Sure, we live in a plastic world, but don’t forget to pull out a little cash before you head to Dreamforce. It’s good to have on hand for tipping hotel staff, curbside bag handlers, or just for that quick snack or bottle of water.

5. Reusable water bottle

Speaking of water, don’t fall into the easy trap of dehydration. Between the long days (and long nights), you’ll want to make sure you keep up your water intake, and having your favorite bottle on hand makes it convenient and easy.

6. Pain reliever

Between being on your feet all day and the nighttime activities you might partake in, packing a small bottle of your favorite pain reliever is key. Be sure to bring it with you when you leave your hotel for the day so you can squash any aches or pains that pop up while you’re out.

7. Elevator pitch

You’re going to be asked what you or your company does...a lot. Be sure to practice in advance so you can explain what you do in a clear, concise manner. Keep in mind that Dreamforce attendees come from every industry, so try to avoid acronyms or industry-specific jargon. Have this quick 30-second pitch perfected and it will go a long way.

8. A plan

To make the very best use of your time at Dreamforce, take the time to map out your days before you go. Study the keynotes and breakout sessions you want to hit, check out exhibitors you want to learn more about (make sure to include ConnectWise Sell in that plan), book dinner reservations if you plan to go out with groups of people, and get in touch with fellow attendees you want to meet with while there.

There you have it. Follow these 8 tips and you’re well on your way to a successful #DF16. And if you’re interested in learning more about configure, price, quote (CPQ) solutions for technology companies, be sure to visit ConnectWise Sell at booth #216.