4 competitive advantages of using ConnectWise Manage

| By:
Linda Brotherton

IT solution providers need the right tools in place to help manage their business operations effectively. The backbone of these solutions should be a well-rounded business management software program.

According to Juan Carlos Bosacoma, the CEO of CIO Landing, "if someone doesn't have a solution like ConnectWise, I would say they're at a severe disadvantage if they're going to play in the MSP space…it's almost like trying to play ball without a ball."

Not all business management platforms are created equal. After discussing the ConnectWise platform with 5 IT business leaders, we’ve discovered why 65% of the 2015 MSPmentor 501 list use ConnectWise to manage all facets of their IT organizations.

It comes down to four distinct differentiators about the company and the product that empower businesses to grow.

Strong Community

ConnectWise focuses on creating a partnership with their clients (they’re even referred to as partners, versus clients). Reese Ormand, the CEO of Geek on Wheels, says that he’s been “very impressed with the level of involvement ConnectWise has with their partners—fostering that growth and encouraging the networking.”

To build that sense of fellowship, ConnectWise hosts large scale events that create opportunities through both in-person and virtual programs. According to Abbey Colville, the Director of Marketing and Operations for Vision Computer Solutions, "…every person I have ever talked with at ConnectWise, whether I work with them, whether I'm just passing them at a conference, they're friendly, they truly care and genuinely want your business to be successful."

Platform approach

The goal is to break down Silos of Chaos® that are creating islands of information within your IT organization. When marketing doesn’t communicate with sales, and sales doesn’t talk to your service delivery team, then no one’s on the same page, and things will inevitably fall through the cracks.

Edinburgh Computer Services faced this problem with their project management and accounting systems. Managing Director William Fairhurst said that they “had a chunk of stuff in Autotask, and a chunk of stuff in another system, and a chunk of stuff in the accounting system, and never did all three of them tell you the same story.”

By finding a program that can accomplish all of these things at once, business leaders can move on to more important tasks, like refining growth strategies and analyzing upcoming industry shifts (like the move to cloud services) to keep the operation on the cutting edge.

Industry-leading uptime

When your business information is accessible to everyone within one centralized hub, and time capturing processes and best practices are implemented, you’re ensuring better service for your clients, and bigger profits for your business.

Companies dependent on cloud-based technology know that they need constant and reliable access. ConnectWise maintains consistent “five-nines” uptime to ensure that you always have the tools available when you need them. This helps improve client productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain constant visibility.

Support and training

The worst part of transitioning to a new software program is not knowing how to use it. Even if you spend a lot of time working with the system, questions arise that you need answered. ConnectWise provides a library of training tools for partners called the ConnectWise University. Plus, easy access to partner support.

Andrea Bacarisse says she “absolutely loves that 24/7 you can chat, you can email, we can get in touch with ConnectWise, and there's no question that's too big or too small that, you know that team will help you with.”

If you’re looking for all of the reasons that make ConnectWise a top business management solution, the strong client community, integrated platform, near constant uptime and available support are consistently cited by clients as why they made the switch.

But the real secret is, deep down, ConnectWise is obsessed with partner success! So much that 92% of our partners believe that we enabled their business to be more successful. We want your company to be successful, too.