9 tips for pitching services to new clients

| By:
Mark Sokol

Every good buyer-seller relationship starts with a successful pitch. How else are you going to draw your prospective client in and convince them of the awesome ways your services will enhance their business?

They say that first impressions are everything. So if you want to leave a lasting impression, here are nine tips for pitching services to new clients.

1. They come first

Nobody wants to listen to somebody ramble on about themselves. Yes, you want to let your client know how your company can help them, but make sure your pitch is focused on them and not solely on you. Make sure the first few minutes of your pitch is compelling and that it relates directly to the client.

2. Appeal to their emotions

It can be tempting to rely heavily on facts and figures when presenting a pitch. After all, isn’t that what the client wants to hear? Not necessarily. If you appeal to their emotional side, they’ll be much more likely to remember your pitch rather than if you just spewed a bunch of facts at them.

3. Keep your rocus

It’s crucial that the presentation of your pitch isn’t all over the place. You want to make sure your audience is with you every step of the way. In order to ensure that your pitch flows smoothly, prepare ahead of time! Gather all your facts together, organize them into some kind of outline and develop the pitch from there.

4. Practice your presentation

This ties into the step above. Your presentation will not flow well if you experience any technical glitches. Be sure to do at least one run-through before the actual presentation so that you’re aware of any issues. Remember, if you want to be a technical advisor to them, effectively using technology is key.

5. Cue the illustrations

A lot of people (if not most) are visual learners. That means your client will most likely want to see visuals to complement your verbal presentation. Visuals can really liven up a presentation that would otherwise be, well, dull.

6. Crack a joke

You are a human, not a robot! So make sure that you give a lively presentation rather than one a robot could have delivered. An easy way to accomplish this is through humor, because what human being doesn’t like to laugh?

7. Be sincere

Another way to enhance the liveliness and humanity of your presentation is by showing how genuinely passionate you are about the subject. After all, if you truly are passionate about what you’re presenting, your audience is more likely to be as well.

8. Keep your focus

This is worth mentioning twice! You want to make sure your audience takes away what you intended for them to take away from your presentation. Don’t feed them an overwhelming amount of information. According to psychologists, the average number of objects a human can hold in working memory is 7 + 2, so keep that in mind when developing your main points!

9. Interaction is important

In college, there were most likely quite a few lectures you were tempted to sleep through. Why? Probably because the teacher didn’t engage you. If you don’t want your audience half-snoozing through your presentation, be sure to include them!

This all ties back to the customer journey; more specifically, the awareness phase. Through your pitch, your goal is to make current and prospective clients aware of all the great things you can offer them!