3 sales tips for faster, better-looking pricing

| By:
Parker Trojanowski

Your reps want to make their customers happy, close deals, and achieve their sales goals—as they should. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of cutting margins without managerial approval or sending quotes that make your company look unprofessional.

Your quotes should build confidence. When your prospects see them, they should walk away feeling like they’re working with a reputable company that’s capable of meeting their needs, not like they’ve been accosted by a clip art from the 90s.

Everything about the sales experience needs to feel clean, organized, and easy. Here are three ways you can achieve this:

1. Quote faster

Getting a quote to a client quickly demonstrates that the salesperson is responsive and efficient. It also allows the client to decide in a timely manner, which can prevent them from going to a competitor. Additionally, if the salesperson is the first to provide a quote, it can give them an advantage over other potential suppliers.

In order to ensure that quotes are provided in a timely manner, it helps for salespeople who work with clients on an ongoing basis to establish relationships with them so they know what type of information they need from them and how often they need it. This way, when clients submit requests for quotes, they have everything they need and can get their quote back quickly without having any delays due to missing information or other issues.

When sales is ready to build the quote an automated quote and proposal software like ConnectWise CPQ helps IT solution providers (TSPs) reduce time-consuming administrative tasks in the quote creation process. When you deliver polished and professional quotes, it becomes easy for clients to say yes.

ConnectWise CPQ also gives you real-time intelligent quote tracking that triggers sales notifications, letting you know when a client interacts with your quote. Sales reps will get insight into how clients are digesting proposals and the intel needed to take the next best step to seal the deal.

2. Look your best

While speed is foremost, looks are a close second. You can deliver an incomprehensible quote in under 5 minutes, but that probably won’t lead to a sale. As we mentioned above, your proposals need to be accurate and consistent to instill confidence. Think of it as a preview of the service quality your customers can expect to receive if they choose you.

Imagine a world where all your pricing standards, distributor information, quote templates, and more are in one place. That’s what a quoting solution will do for you.

With an automated quoting tool, human errors are easily minimized. This saves time and makes a good first impression, paving the way to a relationship of trust with your customers. A quoting solution is also designed with customer satisfaction in mind. From fast delivery of a professional and accurate quote to easy e-signature approvals, your clients will be impressed, leading to more revenue for you.

ConnectWise CPQ provides consistency in how quotes are created and what information is displayed, ensuring the same experience for your customers and prospects. With a cloud-based CPQ like this, you can use your mobile device to quote and close deals anytime, anywhere.

3. Create a path to success

Your driven sales reps will find a way to succeed regardless of whether you provide processes or not. However, that success might come at the high cost of margin cuts you can’t afford. Rather than letting your sales team run wild, create a guided selling process based on best practices that protect your margins and improve the odds of closing.

An automated quote and proposal software will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to renew an agreement, extend an expired warranty, or upgrade aging equipment again. When you deliver renewal reminders internally and externally, you’ll never leave your customers hanging, or additional revenue on the table.

Keep your sales team focused on mining opportunities and closing business while improving your bottom line. With a template library and an interactive portal in place, your sales team can create professional quotes and proposals via custom templates and real-time pricing, significantly shortening your sales cycle.  

Much like placing limited orders when buying stocks, you can lockdown service discounts and product pricing to maximize profitability. As a result, you can protect shrinking margins and better predict your bottom-line revenue—intelligently and automatically.