3 steps for sales success

| By:
Kent McNall

When you think of a sales rep, visions of type-A overachievers probably spring to mind. And while that enthusiasm is absolutely vital to sales success, it can also lead to a lot of pressure for your sales team.

Your reps want to make the customer happy, close the deal, and achieve their sales goals—as they should. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of cutting margins without managerial approval or sending out sloppy quotes that make your company look unprofessional.

Your quotes should build confidence. When your prospects see them, they should walk away feeling like they’re working with a reputable company that’s capable of meeting their needs, not like they’ve been accosted by clip art from the 90s.

Everything about the sales experience needs to feel clean, organized, and easy. Here are three ways you can achieve this:

1. Follow up faster

Did you know you can dramatically increase your odds of winning a deal just by being the first to respond? According to InsideSales.com, 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the client. This just goes to show that speed is the name of the game. The fastest quote closes the most deals.

2. Look your best

While speed is foremost, looks are a close second. You can deliver an incomprehensible quote in under 5 minutes, but that probably won’t lead to a sale. As we mentioned above, your proposals need to instill confidence. Think of them as a preview of the service quality customers can expect to receive if they choose you.

3. Create a path to success

Your driven sales reps will find a way to succeed regardless of whether you provide processes or not. However, that success might come at the high cost of margin cuts you can’t afford. Rather than letting your sales team run wild, create a guided selling process—one based on best practices that protect your margins and improve the odds of closing.

These are just a few ways you can help your sales team be more successful.