7 ways to get more from social media

| By:
Mark Sokol

Social media has proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses. In just seconds, you can communicate valuable promotions and company updates to your customers. They’re convenient, accessible, and obtainable for businesses of all sizes. If you’re not leveraging social media today, maybe it’s time to start.

Did you know?

According to Statista, there are:

  • 1.55 billion active users on Facebook
  • 400 million on Instagram
  • 100 million on Pinterest
  • 100 million on LinkedIn

And Skype users are talking 3 billion minutes each month! Social media is to modern society what newspaper and radio were to us in the 30s and 40s. It’s everywhere, and those who use it well can attract quite a following.

When promoting your brand on social media, keep these seven best practices in mind:
1. Make it about them, not you

While it’s awesome that you just upgraded your data center or are moving to the cloud, how does that benefit your clients or prospective customers? Focus on the benefit to them.

Bonus tip: If benefits are measurably better (e.g. 2x faster), that’s even better. Just make sure you can back up those claims before you blast them out into the webosphere.

2. Include images

You might not have a full-time graphic designer, but there are plenty of services with free images you can use (and add text to) to spice up your social media feeds. One such free service is Pablo.

3. Write irresistible posts

Many social media platforms limit the number of characters you can post. Make the most of each character by penning verbiage that states a clear value proposition (maybe a solution to a challenging problem) and then follows up with a clear call to action.

Bonus tip: Want to write more effective headlines? Try running your headlines through this tool.

4. Plug credible sources

According to LinkedIn, plugging credible sources can double the shares and views your post gets. See what we did there?

5. Manage permissions

Engagement is great, but not everything people will say in response to your postings will be appropriate for broadcast. To ensure inappropriate comments don’t go live, go into each of your social media platform’s settings to activate approval settings.

6. Find the perfect time to post

While there are a plethora of blog posts out there that claim to know the magic send times for social media platforms, you’ll often find that many disagree with each other or are outdated.

Truth be told, the magic time to post is unique for each company. A basic Internet search will give you a general idea of when peak traffic time is for each kind of platform, but the best way to find out when your audience is active is to try different times and watch your analytics for engagement trends.

7. Centralize social media platform management

Tired of logging in and out of every tool to post updates? Try managing and scheduling all your social media updates through one tool. At ConnectWise, we use HootSuite to manage all of our social media accounts.

Tools like this let you schedule multiple updates in advance, offer analytics and reporting so you can monitor activity, and many will even let you get started for free.

Try these seven quick-and-easy tips to see big gains in your social media reach and engagement. You’ll be amazed at what a big difference these little adjustments can make.

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