Revolutionize your VAR quoting process

| By: Craig Fulton

If you’re a VAR, system integrator, or solution provider in the technology space struggling with quoting a large variety of products and services, you’re not alone. Quoting projects for your clients means navigating a lot of complex variables and that often includes conquering a beast of a spreadsheet lurking in your sales quoting process. Complicated costing formulas, manual upkeep, and a lack of standardization on output for clients, makes spreadsheet quoting a nuisance to your business.

Initially, you may say your spreadsheets are “working fine,” but in the long run these will cause a time-consuming, painful, drawn-out sales process full of human error and inaccurate data. Even if a spreadsheet can get a quote out the door, it’s still a disconnected island of information with no automatic, auditable flow into key internal systems.

If you’re stuck in an antiquated world of manual quoting processes, chances are you don’t have clear visibility into the history of your quotes or what’s sitting in your sales pipeline. While your sales reps will diligently create and deliver quotes to their customers, they may not be as interested in manually updating opportunities and forecast information once the quote is done. Or conversely, their forecast may contain numbers not supported by delivered quotes. Without some intense manual data entry (and someone dedicated to generating business intelligence reports), you’ll be hard-pressed to find reliable forecasts and opportunities.

Cloud-based configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions are often called upon to automate what were once highly manual processes. This sort of CPQ tightens up revenue pipelines by improving sales effectiveness and increasing the accuracy of quotes and proposals while providing instant access to resources necessary to your company. By having a CPQ native solution on your CRM platform, you can stimulate your revenue pipelines and provide a strategic view of all sales activity, infusing greater intelligence into each quote.

ConnectWise CPQ™ (formerly Sell)—provides automated workflow integration and sales execution in your existing CRM so you can elevate your data to it is rightful place as the most important strategic asset you have. ConnectWise CPQ integrates with leading CRM applications including NetSuite®, SalesForce®, Microsoft® Dynamics™, Autotask®, and ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage). Data flows easily between opportunities in your CRM and ConnectWise CPQ to create quotes. Once published, the information flows back into your CRM—creating a single source for all important data.

The bottom line is that as the complexity of your products and recurring services continue to grow, your manual quoting process will eventually become impossible to sustain. Put simply, ConnectWise CPQ can help you keep track of the people, processes, quote history, and content that you can rely on for amped efficiency and simpler sales.