What’s new in ConnectWise Manage 2018.3

| By:
April Taylor

Q2 is here, and with it comes springtime, warmer weather, and some exciting new changes. Spring into the rest of your year with new features that keep you efficient, productive, and ready for serious growth. What’s happening to save time for your teams? Benefits are all around, especially for your finance and procurement teams.

Procurement can look forward to a new “all products shipped” trigger to notify you when all of the products in an order are shipped. You’ll see it on service tickets, sales orders, projects, and project tickets. And your procurement managers can look forward to automating a tedious part of their jobs, with the option to automatically close out the record and send an invoice once everything ships.

You can also view notes inside the audit trail of a purchase order, giving your team the power to track when an email has been sent to a vendor.

ConnectWise Manage® partners can also take advantage of the ability to mass add products to a work item (service tickets, projects, project tickets, opportunities, agreement additions, and sales orders) instead of manually adding products one by one.

And we didn’t forget your Finance team! Printed invoices will now display outstanding payments and credits to make it easier for clients to see exactly what their remaining balance is, and when a payment or credit is applied.

You can also mass update billing information to save your Finance team serious time. Select the contacts you want to update, the click “Update Billing Information” and do it all in one quick click.

Looking for even more? In a move sure to delight your service desk, ConnectWise Manage partners can now mass add discussion, internal, or resolution notes to service tickets. Select the tickets to update, and notes are added to every item you selected.

We’re proud of this new release, which features new developments based on real user feedback, and we’re continuing to build new features and functionality that better meets partner needs.