Q4 2019 ConnectWise product updates

| By: Jeff Bishop

At ConnectWise, we’re always working hard to advance our products to meet and exceed our partners’ expectations and help their businesses reach new heights. From business management to customer support and everything in between, we make every update with your success in mind.

Learn more about the latest product updates to your favorite ConnectWise solutions.

Customize your ticket notes

Ticket notes are integral to your ability to understand and solve your clients’ problems. The clearer those notes are, the more efficient and painless the service delivery process can be.

To streamline client communications and improve your user experience, we’ve elevated your ticket notation capabilities in ConnectWise Manage® and equipped you with more customization options than ever. Utilize rich text editing, incorporate inline images and GIFs, and enhance your notes with avatars and color-coding options. You can also use issue tags to make your emails even easier for your clients to read.

Centralize your dashboards

To steer your organization to greater success, it helps to have a clear picture of where you stand.

ConnectWise Now is a new centralized and customizable dashboard console in ConnectWise Manage that can help you gain visibility into your organization and the teams you manage, as well as your clients’ networks, systems, and endpoints. It does this by consolidating all your most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date data, making it easy to access insights that can help you make more confident and informed business decisions.

To make your life even easier, ConnectWise Now also enables you to add dashboards from multiple applications and bring them together on a single screen. Enable one-click drill-through access and increase functionality for various systems within the dashboards themselves—because finding the data you need shouldn’t have to be difficult.

Simplify the renewal process

We know that renewals can be a real headache to manage, so our product update set out to change that.

Our recent ConnectWise Manage update can help you streamline the complicated renewal processes and put hours back in your day. We added new renewal functionality that allows you to import lists of upcoming renewals, track manufacturer part numbers, update mass numbers of items for renewals at once, and more. Managing renewals has never been easier or less stressful!

Automate health administration

Improving the convenience of our products is always a top priority for us. And our recent updates to ConnectWise Automate® create an even more seamless and intuitive experience for users.

Now, Super Admin and System Config permissioned users will gain access to an updated health dashboard display. Not only will the dashboard display global agent health components like scripts, commands, automation, and agent status—it will also consolidate all that information into one convenient and user-friendly dashboard view.

Plus, we’ve released the running scripts grid for the web. While logged into the ConnectWise Automate Web Control Center, you can easily see which scripts are running. This new Running tab is the next step toward releasing script scheduling to the web, so look out for more updates in the future!

Simplify the quoting process

Sourcing pricing and product information can be difficult and time-consuming. But with new integrations in ConnectWise Sell®, you can cut down the time it takes to produce accurate quotes.

Take the Ingram Micro® Quote import integration. By importing your quote into ConnectWise Sell from Ingram Micro, you’ll reduce quoting errors while saving your organization valuable time and resources. This new integration simplifies the entire sourcing process, even allowing you to purchase products directly from inside of the ConnectWise Sell portal.

Similarly, the new Cisco® and Tech Data® Quote import integration allows you to import your Cisco CCW into ConnectWise Sell and automatically pull pricing from Tech Data. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to build accurate quotes—eliminating tedious manual steps and giving your organization’s efficiency a boost.

Maintain system control

We’re always updating our products to ensure optimum functionality as operating systems evolve. That’s why we’ve already revamped ConnectWise Control® to better support Apple’s upcoming operating system, Catalina OS—notarizing the Mac app and developing a smoother user flow for granting permissions for the new system. This way, when Catalina OS is released, our partners will experience minimal disruptions and unnecessary downtime.

We’ve also redesigned the trigger page to be more user-friendly. Work with what you already have and easily edit, delete, clone, or enable or disable a trigger. Or, start from scratch; the layout for creating a new trigger has been improved and is now significantly more intuitive, bringing ease and efficiency to the trigger-creation experience.

Enjoy easier access to your toolbox with another useful update to ConnectWise Control. Manage your toolbox from the Run Tool dialog by clicking the “Edit Mode” toggle, which will allow you and any other hosts with proper permissions to easily and efficiently organize, upload, and delete tools or folders directly from the Run Tool dialog.

Streamline risk assessment

If you’re avoiding the security conversation with your clients, you’re not alone. In fact, only 13% of managed services providers (MSPs) are having cybersecurity-specific conversations with their clients. But MSPs that do lead with risk posture assessment have greater confidence in their presentations—and in their ability to close incremental revenue around security.

That’s why we created ConnectWise Identify®. Whether you’re unsure how to broach the topic of cybersecurity or present a compelling offer, or are at a loss as to how best to field the dreaded “Isn’t this what I’m paying you for?” question, ConnectWise Identify enhances your ability to discuss, present, and sell cybersecurity-related solutions to your customers—so you can do so with confidence.

One of the most effective ways to engage customers in the risk assessment process is to send them the assessment and allow them to answer the questions themselves. With our new notification feature, you’ll receive a notification when a risk assessment has been completed—enabling you to follow-up as promptly as possible. Best of all, the notifications are configurable, so you can enable, disable, and modify the settings according to your own preferences.

Try it for yourself. ConnectWise Identify’s free 30-day trial includes two full risk assessments. Offer one to a customer and use one yourself to assess your own risk posture.