Announcement: Delivering an advanced and comprehensive RMM tool with ConnectWise Network Monitoring and Management™

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Jason Short

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the industry's most advanced and comprehensive RMM tool, I'm excited to share the latest enhancement we've added to the new ConnectWise Network Monitoring and Management with Auvik DNA.

Businesses today—large or small, public or private—depend on technology to operate efficiently. The importance of network monitoring and management cannot be overstated, especially in a dynamic and unpredictable digital landscape and with the rapid rise of hybrid workforce increasing the complexity of IT spaces. It's no longer an option for IT solution providers (TSPs) to have a comprehensive tool to monitor and manage your network—it's the backbone of your business operations.

What are the benefits?

A network monitoring solution at its core is proactively discovering, mapping, monitoring, alerting, and reporting the health of your remote network infrastructure 24/7 to ensure it's performing at optimal levels. Any network component, including computers, laptops, smartphones, routers, switch ports, firewalls, and servers, can be monitored.

Why is it essential?

In an ever-evolving threat environment, we understand cyberattacks are inevitable, and it's no longer a matter of if but when it will happen. As you build multi-layered cybersecurity measures to fortify your defenses, an advanced network monitoring solution is also pivotal in achieving a more centralized view in proactively managing all your network devices and components. It should be an essential part of your software stack.

Simply put—you can't manage what you can't see. A holistic view lets you map your entire network and accelerates how quickly you can identify where there are risks, from endpoints to applications.

Network Monitoring and Management in our robust RMM solution empowers you to continuously manage your network performance, cybersecurity, and reliability while optimizing resources and providing a seamless experience for your clients. This all happens through our partnership with Auvik, a cloud-based network management software provider, our team is delivering leading-edge network infrastructure management software to create a unified network view that ensures efficient performance and availability.

Top reasons to add Network Monitoring and Management

Complete network visibility

Automatically detect and capture details for every device on your network—including important insights into the relationships between network assets. You can quickly plan network upgrades and capacity with accurate, real-time network documentation.

Holistic view and topology mapping of your network

Centralized network monitoring lets you see your entire network through topology mapping—providing broader visibility to navigate your network, identify vulnerabilities and attack surfaces that require further investigation, and manage potential issues proactively before they disrupt business operations.

Real-time network alerts

Instant notifications of unusual activity and critical network alerts in ConnectWise RMM allow you to catch and efficiently troubleshoot issues before they affect your clients' business operations.

Proactively monitor your network in real-time

In today's dynamic and unpredictable environment, we know networks are also becoming more advanced and complex, and the need to monitor them proactively will continue to be a critical IT function. No matter how minor, the impact of network issues can have several negative consequences, including disruption to your business, lost revenue, damage to your reputation, negative client satisfaction, and exposed confidential data. We created added network monitoring and management as an invaluable feature within our RMM solution for businesses of all sizes, so you can maintain a productive workflow and avoid severe threats by identifying and addressing issues before they become major problems.

Network Monitoring and Management is available through our new ConnectWise RMM Pro and Premium packages, which offer expanded options to meet your business and clients' unique needs. If you're a ConnectWise partner, complete the form below today for additional details.

Please join us for our live network monitoring and management webinar on August 9 for a closer look into this next-generation feature and have an opportunity to ask our experts questions live. Register now >>


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