ConnectWise welcomes HTG to the family

| By:
Arnie Bellini

When MSPs came together in Phoenix early this year for the HTG Q1 meeting, they might not have known what to expect from my attendance. The event is a two-day gathering of HTG-linked professionals and vendors, and I was looking forward to getting to know the newest members of the ConnectWise family even better after announcing our union with the company in early January.

We’ve had a long, fulfilling relationship with HTG and this event was my chance to stand with HTG’s Arlin Sorensen to share our vision of the move and help everyone understand how excited we both were by this new opportunity. After 10 years working together, this union felt like the next step on our path, and I was excited to continue supporting HTG’s incredible growth.

The event was also an incredible chance to touch base with HTG members and share my insight on what ConnectWise could offer them, and how we’d be stronger with an even closer relationship with HTG. In the end, this union is all about making the world a better place for our partners. We’re putting the power of our financial and M&A decisions behind the value of HTG, and offering all of our shared partners a community centered around the businesses they’re working hard to build and grow.

We’re gaining an unrivaled peer community platform—the HTG Way—that we can share with our partners as well. And in this spirit of open sharing, we were thrilled to announce a new, open platform to our largest event of the year. IT Nation 2018 will mark an open invitation to key competitors including Datto, Kaseya, and Continuum to give every attendee access to the power of choice and an open Ecosystem to meet all of their needs.

I particularly enjoyed the Ask Me Anything sessions I was able to attend during the event’s small peer groups, listening to inspiring stories and honest discussions from people in the trenches. I was thrilled to hear that HTG event attendees were looking forward to the possibilities of the newly minted ConnectWise union, and I’m ready to share with and learn from the incredible leaders at HTG who’ve inspired so much trust in their community.

“There’s a lot of synergy and leverage in the open Ecosystem here, and the resources ConnectWise brings will help HTG grow,” shared one attendee, and I couldn’t agree more. Being an open Ecosystem will stay true to the spirit of HTG and help showcase my confidence in the strength and value of our solutions.

“HTG has changed my company and we wouldn’t be who we are without it,” another attendee offered. “ConnectWise will help take it to the next level.” And that’s exactly what I’m committed to doing.