Level up with game changing new features in ConnectWise Manage 2015.6

| By:
Linda Brotherton

When it comes to your business management platform, you’ve got options. Trying to pinpoint the right solution for your business can feel like a guessing game. ConnectWise is working hard to make the choice easy by pouring resources into a tool that meets your needs better than ever before - ConnectWise 2015.6, now ConnectWise Manage®.

It’s all about you

The ConnectWise Manage 2015.6 release brings you new features that focuses on matching your ConnectWise experience to your specific business needs. 2015.6 is centered on customization in everything from service tickets and activities to work types and time zones, all within a new user interface. Even your marketing gets a boost with a powerful new addition.

Change is here

The most exciting changes in 2015.6 are all about answering our partners’ biggest requests.

Service tickets

The new user interface (UI) gives you more flexibility than ever when creating and working with service tickets. Hide non-required fields, make additional fields required, and create custom fields. Use the new Assign Me feature to add yourself as a resource in one click.

Time zones

Running your business just got easier, with improved scheduling across time zones in the dispatch portal. Just make sure member time zones are correct before upgrading.

Work types

Time rounding is now more granular. Set rounding factors for time at the Work Type level, including specific rounding factors for a company or an agreement.


Adding another brain friendly new feature, activities are now in the new UI.

Marketing tools

ConnectWise Campaign brings you a dynamic marketing tool that is fully integrated with all of your Manage records and data. Sync marketing analytics directly into Manage campaigns, build landing pages and forms inside Campaign, and integrate your website into your marketing campaigns. Use lead and list management features to package and deliver leads directly to your sales team.

2015.6 is all about a better ConnectWise Manage to support your success. With comprehensive customization and enhanced marketing capabilities, success is yours for the taking.