Can’t wait to go home

| By:
Kim Wharton

I began working with the ConnectWise Home team in July 2020. Every time I think about ConnectWise Home, the song “Home” by Phillip Phillips pops into my head. Of course, I had to look up songs about home, and here is what I found—50 Catchy Songs About Home to Play on Repeat.

I digress. Let’s get back to the point.

In March, Jeff Bishop, Chief Product Officer, announced ConnectWise Home as your new single-entry point into the ConnectWise ecosystem hence the name ConnectWise Home. Now you don’t need to bookmark so many URLs. You can just go to ConnectWise Home. Since March, the team added additional features that I would like to share with you.

Things you can do in ConnectWise Home


  • Manage user and application settings users by product/MFA
  • Launch products
  • Try out ConnectWise Identify® and ConnectWise Unite with our trials
  • Add licenses for ConnectWise Manage®, ConnectWise Sell®, and ConnectWise Automate®—of course, there is one thing you cannot do—you cannot downgrade
  • For Support, you can:
    • Create tickets and view all your tickets within ConnectWise
    • Start support chats
    • Search ConnectWise University


  • ConnectWise University searches
    • Self-service
    • Access all documentation, courses, events, webinars
    • Become more engaged with The IT Nation
  • NEW! Newsfeed articles – View posts that are aligned to your profile
  • NEW! View and register for events – After registering for an event, it can be seen in ConnectWise Home—no more searching for email confirmations.

Running your business

  • Administration - (Log in to ConnectWise Home)
    • New partners – If you have a ConnectWise product, you automatically have access to ConnectWise Home. The primary contact will be the administrator and will receive an email to set up the account to access ConnectWise Home.
    • Existing partners – If you do not have a ConnectWise Home account for your company, ask your administrator to sign up for a ConnectWise Home account to register the company.
    • Individuals – Talk to your user administrator at your company to be added to ConnectWise Home.
  • Billing – There are two tabs for billing
    • Tab #1 (e-pay): View your invoices for ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell, ConnectWise Automate in e-pay
    • Tab #2 (ConnectWise invoices): View your Marketplace, ConnectWise Unite, and ConnectWise Identify in ConnectWise invoices
      • For ConnectWise invoices, Manage Your Wallet will manage your payment information securely.
User and application settings (formerly SSO)
  • NEW! User and application settings look and feel to match ConnectWise Home
    • Mass action – Perform mass operations on users in bulk
    • Performance improvements – There were overall user experience improvements, including updating users in the User and Application Settings.
  • NEW! Contact management will be in ConnectWise Home, previously in My Company Contacts in ConnectWise University
    • We are adding new contact management fields on the user such as email and adding multiple phone numbers
    • ConnectWise Home and ConnectWise University roles are managed in user and application settings
    • Individual users by product – products will show up on their Home main page
Benefits of ConnectWise Home

In the above, I listed all the cool features of ConnectWise Home. Now, I know you are wondering how they will benefit you.

The top three benefits are:

  1. Easy access to all products so you won’t need so many bookmarks
  2. Easy access for billing and payments
  3. Eliminate managing two separate applications for user/contact list – now, you have one!

As I began this blog talking about Phillip Phillips song “Home,” I now leave you with one phrase from their song, “I am going to make this place your home.” ConnectWise Home will make your life easier, especially with eliminating multiple URLs to bookmark—now, you only need to bookmark ConnectWise Home. Log in and bookmark ConnectWise Home today! For more information, check out these training videos or review our additional documentation.