Partner Spotlight: Integris

| By:
Lesley Meunier

Get to know Rashaad Bajwa, CEO of Integris, one of the fastest-growing managed service providers (MSP). At IT Nation Connect 2022, Integris won Business Management Partner of the Year as a company that has achieved success with ConnectWise Business Management solutions.

About Integris

Integris began 20 years ago when I formed Domain Computer Services in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We were just a small company serving primarily legal offices then, but we grew our ranks over the years and expanded our office footprint. It was then that the real fun began.

We began joining forces with other MSPs across the US, bringing together other service-oriented managed service IT providers with the same drive for operational excellence and “people first” service principles.

Every time a new company joined us, we kept the people and the technology in those organizations. This allowed us to create a national MSP built on native expertise, mutual respect, and shared resources. As a result, we’ve experienced extraordinary growth in our short history, both through M&A activity and organic sales gains.

Today, our company is more than 650 people strong, serving more than 1200 clients in 11 states—and counting. With our expanded reach, we’re now able to provide our customers with the best of both worlds: local service with local techs and help desks backed up by our national network of virtual chief information security officers (vCISOs) and service experts.

This past year has been a year of accolades, where we’ve made many industry “fastest growing” and “best quality” lists. Much of that has occurred because we brought together several different local MSPs—most notably CalTech, an IT MSP with more than 190 employees focused on serving the community bank and credit union markets exclusively.

If I had to describe one of our latest “wins,” it would be the successful integration of these strong companies into our national team. They are already helping us smash our sales goals and taking our company to a new level.

What’s ahead for MSPs

While the road ahead is uncertain in 2023, the outlook for MSPs is bright. MSPs offer their clients real benefits, especially when companies seek ways to lower costs and improve efficiency. In times of economic uncertainty, outsourcing partners can provide an important lifeline, taking the overhead of an internal IT department off the table and providing clients with a reliable monthly IT budget.

We will see several IT trends in 2023, especially in cybersecurity. More companies will have to up their cybersecurity game to address growing hacker threats and increased requirements from regulators and cyber risk insurers. Even small companies are investing in enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools like content filtering, endpoint detection response, and advanced cybersecurity awareness training for their employees.

As remote work becomes permanent, more companies will move bigger parts of their operations to the cloud. Because of this, they're getting more serious about remote access protocols, multi-factor authentication, and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. Companies that haven’t written IT policies are scrambling to get them on paper and are looking for partners who can help them get their protocols in order. That’s a great opportunity for MSPs like Integris.

MSPs can bring all these things to companies of all sizes and deliver in a scalable, affordable way. I’m looking forward to the opportunities this will bring.

The future is bright, and ConnectWise helped us get there

Like many MSPs, Integris has relied on ConnectWise to keep our business on track and our client communication channels clear. From ticketing to tracking to KPIs, ConnectWise has helped us consolidate our platform of tools and keep our clients in the loop.

In fact, ConnectWise played a critical role in making our company what it is today. How? By providing a platform for all its client MSPs to talk to each other. We've been involved in the ConnectWise Evolve Peer Groups since the beginning. The connections we made there helped us forge strong relationships with other MSPs across the country. When the time came for us to choose partners to join us, finding like-minded MSPs to invest in was easy. We already knew what companies shared our common values and “people first” philosophies.

ConnectWise made that all possible, and we are grateful for the mentorship and fellowship we have found. ConnectWise invested in us, in our sales efforts, and in many of our client education events. It's a partnership we cherish.

Building Partnerships that Stand the Test of Time

Over the years, we've learned a lot about partnerships with our clients and especially with our vendors. It's been a pleasure to learn so much from ConnectWise and the MSPs who are such an essential part of their network.

When you are a true partner to your clients, your services will never be seen as just “a commodity.” As we sail into new challenges and opportunities this year, it’s good to know your platforms will perform and our partners have our back.

I look forward to seeing all we can do—together.

To find out more about Integris, visit our website, or schedule a free consultation.