Must-know News on CloudConsoles Expanded Features

| By:
Craig Fulton

ConnectWise CloudConsole™ allows technology solution providers (TSPs) to manage, monitor, and bill for Office 365™ licenses directly within ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage). This innovative platform, originally launched in February 2016, takes the pain right out of offering cloud services, thereby increasing profitability and satisfaction of our partners. 

This was such an exciting new development here at ConnectWise for the start of 2016, and we are pleased to announce even more functionality. Now for the breaking news—at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), ConnectWise is announcing that CloudConsole will now include full support for Microsoft Azure!

We are absolutely obsessed with our partners’ success, which is why we’re constantly inventing and enhancing our solutions to bring in even more revenue-generating features. CloudConsole is no different. This revolutionary platform supports our TSP partners in the following ways:

1. Uncomplicated, Unified Invoices

Our partners can jump into the skyrocketing demand for cloud services without having to worry about managing, monitoring, or billing agreements separately from established service offerings. Everything is right there within a central console for a 360 view of your business.

2. Outstanding Customization

This platform offers customizable features that allow you to seamlessly adapt your services to fit your clients’ needs. All users, groups, and mailbox accounts can be easily added or removed.

3. Proactive Management

Any disruptions and outages are detected to proactively protect your clients from future problems. Alerts tell you automatically when usage is about to run out for each client, giving you a chance to offer additional services to better meet their needs.

As demand for cloud services increases, ConnectWise is right there beside you, adapting and innovating our software to meet those needs.  Our partners can now manage customers’ Microsoft resources including virtual machines, websites, SQL databases, and storage.

This new development puts our partners in position to manage all Azure applications within one framework.  Provide headache-free automated billing of all resources within ConnectWise PSA on one straightforward, well-designed invoice. A solid, central console for our partners means an incredible tool to control service offerings and boost business.

CloudConsole’s new version, including Azure management, officially releases in mid-August.  As the industry shifts more to a cloud landscape, ConnectWise is building solutions to help partners keep control, and capitalize on cloud opportunities.