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Sam Demulling

Time is your most precious resource. This is especially true in businesses that require a heavy sales volume to keep revenue high. Many businesses struggle with crucial points in the sales process—from sourcing products and prices to delivering the order—or work in multiple solutions that lack communication. At ConnectWise, we've invested in product enhancements to make sourcing through distribution easier than ever.

The value of integrations

If you’re ordering from technology distributors, we’ve created integrations built into ConnectWise CPQ® that will pull in all of your needed pricing information into one view. With all the feeds you need displayed in ConnectWise CPQ in a single pane of glass, gone are the days of having to manually find each individual piece of information by itself and add each one individually to your dashboard.

These integrations are exceedingly valuable and include the following features to improve your sales process:

  • Quote import
  • Electronic orders
  • Price file import
  • Pricing and product feeds

All the information you need is at your fingertips using real time product and pricing feeds, along with price file import. If you’re working with a special pricing quote from a distributor, you can quickly import it into ConnectWise CPQ, rather than having to manually input the information. Once you’ve won the deal, place an electronic order using your distribution credentials, while also updating your opportunity. Take advantage of the following integrations to easily add information to your customers’ quotes and place orders directly through distribution partners, making the process more seamless.

D&H Distributing integration

Is your company sourcing through D&H Distributing? ConnectWise CPQ integrates all of the information you need, including real-time product and pricing feeds, along with price file importing. In addition, rather than having to manually input special pricing quote information, you can instead automatically import that information into ConnectWise CPQ. This integration sees you through the entirety of your sales lifecycle from start to finish. After you’ve won a deal, you can then place an electronic order using your D&H credentials, while also updating your opportunity.

Ingram Micro integration

When you’re sourcing through Ingram Micro, you can count on ConnectWise CPQ to remove manual steps from the process, speed up your transactions, and simplify your dashboard. Import convertible distribution quotes and get real time feeds of pricing and inventory information on demand. Making orders through ConnectWise CPQ and easily tracking the included purchase and shipping numbers is just few clicks away.

In fact, the Ingram Micro quote import tool is our newest feature. Once you have pricing and a quote ID from Ingram Micro, simply enter the ID into ConnectWise CPQ, and have the entire quote pulled directly into ConnectWise CPQ. With this new addition, quoting and placing orders through Ingram Micro has never been easier.

Synnex integration

ConnectWise CPQ allows you to seamlessly integrate with Synnex to increase productivity and include Synnex information and resources into your own sales process. The integration allows you to easily upload information from Synnex and be privy to real-time product and pricing feeds. This shows you cost and availability in one window before you decide to place your purchase order, which you can then execute directly from ConnectWise CPQ. In addition, the integration will automatically save your shipping information and serial numbers for easy tracking.

Tech Data integration

ConnectWise CPQ and Tech Data work seamlessly together to make quoting easier by eliminating time-consuming quoting processes with automation. You’ll be able to:

  • Streamline Cisco quotes using Cisco CCW, Tech Data 1Source, and ConnectWise CPQ
  • Place ConnectWise CPQ Electronic Orders directly with Tech Data
  • Pass back of serial/tracking info into Manage Procurement

Our newest feature is the Tech Data/CCW quote import tool, allowing deal registration and easy electronic orders. Then, by entering the Cisco CCW ID into a field in ConnectWise CPQ, you can pull pricing from Tech Data and instantly import the bill of materials into ConnectWise CPQ.

Etilize integration

When you choose to utilize the third-party service Etilize embedded within ConnectWise CPQ, you’ll find a database of content that pulls all of the specifications and information you need into one pane of glass. You also have the ability to add additional content you think is necessary to your sales project so it can be seen in the same window.

Value-added reCPQers (VARs) often struggle working between systems, but product-centric organizations can experience this pain as well. Don’t spend unnecessary time going back and forth with distributors, pulling pricing, and updating quotes when your teams could be spending this time on other activities—like bringing in new clients.

If you're looking for more details on our most recent product updates that are specific to VARs? Check out this blog post on our latest product enhancements.


Your quote is the first impression that your customers have of your business. A solid quote will instill reassurance in new clients that they are making the right decision. Don’t disappoint your new partners while in the honeymoon phase! You know that any hiccups along the journey cause seeds of doubt to grow in their mind—and you don't want to let this happen. Ensure your quotes and sales orders are timely and well-executed with our distributor integrations directly in ConnectWise CPQ.