Who will make it to the PitchIT finals? Watch 18 companies compete for victory

| By:
Sean Lardo

Let's get ready to rumble!

ConnectWise PitchIT is our annual innovator incubation program that’s part Shark Tank, with a little of The Voice thrown in for good measure. Now in its fifth year, PitchIT is bigger and better than ever! PitchIT builds on the three promises our CEO Jason Magee has committed to—more innovation faster, investing in partner growth, and making it easier to do business with us. It’s also designed to drive innovation to other tech companies that serve our partners and help grow the ConnectWise ecosystem. We’re proud of the 18 newcomers to the channel and their ring debut is almost over.

The PitchIT main event is almost here

Our cohort has had a loaded summer. Eighteen companies took part in this year’s business transformation course—more than the last three years combined!

The 18 companies that have been part of this program are:

  1. Adaptive Catalog
  2. AlertOps
  3. Binox MSP
  4. ChatStyle
  5. ClearBench
  6. Clearbenchmark
  7. compliancerisk
  8. DTonomy
  9. FortMesa
  10. getKambium
  11. Humanize IT
  12. InXero
  13. KloudReadiness
  14. Nexera
  15. Notify Technology
  16. Saaslio
  17. Tier2Technologies (two products)
  18. Vonahi Security

They’ve gone through 14 sessions so far, covering many facets of their business—sales, marketing, the managed service provider (MSP) audience, value proposition, market readiness, and more. In addition, they’ve been honing their presentation skills by participating in two rounds of webinars—graciously hosted by ConnectWise Advisory Council member Adam Bielanski of Sierra Pacific Group and Tom Lawrence of Business Technicalities. As you can see, it’s all gearing up for an epic Royal Rumble of sorts to get our three finalists who will present at IT Nation Connect 2022 in Orlando.

An epic tag team spectacular

These 18 companies will be entering the ring to be the next PitchIT champion. Three will move on to the main event. For venue, we’ve teamed up with Matt Solomon and the team at Channel Program, who will host the 18 pitches over two days—on August 31 and September 1, 2022. It’s free to register and watch all 18 pitches

Coaches in their corner

On September 2, we’ll announce the three finalists that will present their final pitches at IT Nation Connect in November. However, the lucky three won’t have time off from the competition. This year, we’ve added head coaches—former winners who will be paired with each of the three finalists to help them refine their respective presentations. Our head coaches for 2022 are Gene Reich (Traceless), Jamison West (Timezest, Smileback), and Callen Sapien (Refactr, now part of Sophos).

The champion is crowned

If you’re at IT Nation Connect, you’ll be able to see many of our PitchIT class of 2022, as well as the finalists and their final pitches. They will be judged by industry experts Jay McBain, Juan Fernandez, and Allison Francis. The runner-up will receive a $30,000 grant and the winning pitch will receive a $70,000 grant to help propel their business.

Will your favorite innovator walk away with the championship? Stay tuned for the main event!