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MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework

The MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework is an industry-specific guide that defines what good cybersecurity looks like. It’s supported by a maturity model focused on guiding the service provider towards cybersecurity success​.

Downloadable Guides:

The MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework Outline

This outline gives you a high-level view of the cybersecurity disciplines, levels, and programs to help you assess where you are in your journey to cybersecurity.

The MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework

The IT Nation Secure MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework detailed guide is designed for MSPs and defines what good cybersecurity looks like. It is supported by a maturity model to guide you towards success​.

Playbook 1: Fundamentals

The IT Nation Secure Fundamentals Playbook presents the essential cybersecurity guidance to MSPs on how to implement security best practices to help reduce risk and vulnerabilities within the services provided to your clients.

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Chris Loehr

“From my perspective, MSPs have been looking for clear direction on where to go for cybersecurity. What the IT Nation Secure team has created is a recipe for success for understanding and delivering secure services.”

Chris Loehr, EVP & CTO
Solis Security

“Cybersecurity is a vast and complicated topic that can be difficult to get your arms around. ConnectWise has created an “easy button” to help MSPs and others in the IT industry quickly understand and align best practices for protecting themselves and most importantly, their clients.”

Scott Beck, President

Partner Support