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With decades of experience serving office technology dealers (OTDs) and managed service providers (MSPs), we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that help you succeed. Whether you want to strengthen your OTD or add managed services, we remain dedicated to innovations that improve your business. This includes advancements in cybersecurity, backup monitoring, AI assistance, and more. Together, we can unlock your growth potential and strengthen your brand identity.

Adding managed IT services?

Where are you now, and where are you going?

Establishing a managed services practice demands investment—an investment of time, money, personnel, and strategic planning. While it may seem daunting, you have a unique opportunity to enter the booming IT services market. Your established networks with small and midsized businesses put you in an excellent position to transition to managed services, and we can help you fill in the gaps on your way to success.

Regardless of where you are, ConnectWise is here to help every step of the way.

Most dealerships fall into one of three distinct categories:

A successful managed services practice takes time, dedication, and often, blood, sweat, and tears! If you are achieving success but looking to expand your business, ConnectWise, at our core lies a deep commitment to continuously prioritize flexibility, scalability, and automation within our comprehensive solutions, spanning from business management, unified monitoring and management, and cybersecurity.

Finding the “sweet spot” for managed services contracts can be difficult but they are out there and can be found with the right staff and strategies in place. ConnectWise offers a variety of go-to-market initiatives, sales enablement training, and best practices to support your growing practice and place you on track for success.

When starting your managed services practice, you may be eager to sell into your total addressable market all at once, eschewing net-new clients. However, dealers have found much more success with a mix of net-new clients and a percentage of cross-sell into their existing dealer base. We are here to help!

It can be overwhelming to figure out the first step in building a brand-new business unit. However, it should reassure you to know that there is no single “right” way to augment your existing business with managed IT services. Ultimately, you will need to commit to one of three options, or a combination of them, in how you structure your business, each with it’s own strengths.

1. Build a MSP from scratch

This approach entails hiring all the requisite staff, purchasing all needed equipment, and investing in the necessary infrastructure needed to maintain day-to-day operations. This is by far the costliest option, and one that is least available to most businesses, given the exceptional amount of capital that would need to be raised to execute this plan.

2. Acquire an existing MSP

This option provides a fast entry into the space, but unless your business’ funds are exceptionally liquid, you’ll need to take on debt to make the purchase. While not a deal-breaker, a fast start into managed services will not equate to fast returns on the bottom line, so you’ll need to be set up for the long game with a healthy business to realize results with this option. Choose your purchase wisely, as well as the terms on the debt you incur; these decisions will make or break your success in the space.

3. Partner with a Master MSP

This approach provides the fastest and lowest barrier to entry into managed services – as well as the most profitable path to scale your business. A Master MSP provides the backbone of technology solutions and labor that you need to deliver IT services, which frees you from costs associated with building your own practice or acquiring existing businesses. Because the Master MSP already has the software platforms, skilled technicians, infrastructure, education, and employee training covered, this turn-key approach has tremendous value for dealers that can leverage the partnership to deliver a range of services to end clients.

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How ConnectWise can help

Accelerate business growth

Create an IT services business inside your core business at exceptional margins. Once established, a mature managed services business will grow steadily and predictably.

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Sell what customers need

Sell what every business needs to those that trust you: remote monitoring and management (RMM), backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and cybersecurity threat detection and prevention.

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Add more recurring revenue

The average managed services transaction is the equivalent of placing 20 copiers in the field. With ConnectWise, you’ll have even more opportunities to sell, upsell, and cross-sell your customers.

Gain new opportunities

Dealers like you tell us they use MSP offerings to attract new customers. Once managed services customers are secured, they typically provide future printer and copier revenue.

Secure the competitive edge

There’s an increasing shift toward OTDs offering managed IT services. Early adopters will get an advantage over their competitors.

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Partner for increased profitability

Start at the lowest barrier to entry into managed services and a boost for those already offering services. A 2017 independent study by Service Leadership Index, Inc.® shows that businesses who partner with a master MSP (such as ConnectWise) yield 33% more in EBITDA than their peers.

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Get even more with the ConnectWise Partner Program

Enrolled partners experience accelerated growth, boosted annual revenue, and enhanced profitability. 
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Faster Growth

Partners in the program are growing 4x faster than partners not in the programs and reflect 55% YoY growth in cyber.


Net New ARR

Partners in the program generated over $75M in cybersecurity after joining the program in 2022.


More Profitable

Partners in the program are 17% more profitable when compared to average TSPs.

“At Marco, security is not just a ‘nice to have,’ but a critical component to operating our business, as well as those of our customers. Utilizing resources to analyze who and what connects to your network and how data flows through it makes it easier to maximize your protection. This is why we partner with ConnectWise. Their experience, reputation, level of expertise, and quality of service is second none.”

– Doug Albregts, CEO at Marco

“Leverage their (ConnectWise) tools, leverage their assets, leverage their support, because together we are much, much stronger…"

- Jim Haney, VP Marketing at NovaTech



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