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ConnectWise Sell

Simplify Cisco Quoting and Close Sales Faster

ConnectWise Sell provides you with a seamless way to process complex, multi-line Cisco spreadsheets and turn them into richly branded, professional-looking quotes and proposals ready to deliver to your client in minutes instead of hours. Sell makes importing Excel spreadsheets less cumbersome, so you no longer have to worry about formatting errors, or hiding columns from clients. You can import Bill of Material (BOM) and Deal Registrations with just a click, and place into customized templates ready for presentation.

Preview Sell Integration in Cisco

Quote Quickly

Copy & paste your Excel worksheet into ConnectWise Sell and quickly turn it into a professional quote.

Minimize Errors

Eliminate worries about formatting errors or hiding columns on downloaded Excel worksheets.

Apply Discounts

Apply “discount off list” and “discount off cost” prices for different products.

Simplify Approval

Create an interactive online quote with built-in e-signature capabilities.

Automate Updates

Keep your CRM current with automatic updates from Sell.

Discover the Better Solution for Quotes & Proposals in Our Demo

Sales is at the Heart of Your Business. ConnectWise Sell Keeps It Beating Strong.

Explore ConnectWise Sell

From simplified quoting and real-time product sourcing to workflow automation and business intelligence, ConnectWise Sell is the enhanced CPQ solution that will help grow your business.
10 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel

Stop Losing Money with Your Quotes

Discover ten ways that quoting with spreadsheets could be hurting your business.

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