ConnectWise Sell Product Demo

See for yourself what Sell can do to boost your business in this quick overview.

If you’re still manually creating quotes & proposals with spreadsheets, and spending hours gathering product information from multiple sources, it’s time for a better way. ConnectWise Sell is a powerful quote and proposal automation solution that enables you to sell more, close faster, and increase profits.

With outstanding CRM and operations integration, single login support, and multiple deployment options, ConnectWise Sell is the unparalleled solution for guiding your sales team to success.

Explore benefits including:

  • Template library – Create professional quotes and proposals from customizable templates
  • Easy Product Search – Populate templates with product and price info from top distributors
  • Flexible functionality – Drag and drop products, headers, and terms & conditions into templates
  • Online Quotes – Publish online via an interactive portal, allowing clients to select upsell options
  • Cloud-based software – Allows the flexibility to quote at anytime from anywhere
  • Business Intelligence – Gain insight into your business like never before with custom templates and reports