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Prove your commitment to cybersecurity excellence with ConnectWise Certify Advanced, a 12-month program that sets MSPs up for success in achieving the SECURE MSP certification by delivering best practices for Secure Operations, Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), and Advanced Sales. 

Advanced cybersecurity program

Join our cybersecurity experts for in-depth insights into implementing a strong cybersecurity posture inside your business and reliably extending that same level of protection to your clients. With the MSP + Cybersecurity Framework as its foundation, this program teaches competencies necessary to build a credible cybersecurity practice. 
Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, Nutbourne Ltd.

The MSP+ course has been a breath of fresh air in a complex and crowded cybersecurity marketplace. Monthly coaching from respected industry experts in a collaborative and non-sales environment has been incredibly beneficial to both myself and the company. Over the first three months we have started to confirm the cybersecurity elements we are already doing well and fill in the gaps where we have either missed the mark or just weren’t aware. Being in a group of peers also helps us gauge where we sit in the market, learning from MSPs who my be doing it better or differently, and helping those who haven’t quite got there yet. Continual improvement is needed to secure ourselves, our clients, and keep up with threats. The value of this course in this climate is easy to justify and see.

Course offerings

Each course requires a four hour commitment once a month.
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Secure Operations (SECOPS)

Designed for engineers, this track provides technical implementation guidance for best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. Dive into hands-on training that includes live demonstrations and fire drills to test your team’s instincts in system hardening, secure onboarding, advanced vulnerability scanning, and other core cybersecurity competencies.

Download full agenda 2023.

Download full agenda 2024.

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Virtual Chief Infosec Officer (vCISO)

This track helps technical leaders in the vCISO role build internal cybersecurity practices as well as future offerings for clients. Discover how to create a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Program based on the MSP + Cybersecurity Framework. In addition to hands-on planning, review, and implementation assistance, this track also provides practical guidance for managing program metrics and documenting compliance standards.

Download full agenda 2023.

Download full agenda 2024.

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Advanced Cybersecurity Sales

Learn how to incorporate proven cybersecurity sales frameworks into conversations with prospects. Geared toward sales professionals, this track covers advanced techniques for prospecting, qualifying, and selling cybersecurity solutions aligned with industry best practices. Participants will walk away from this training with the skills to deliver non-technical cybersecurity demos to potential buyers.

Download full agenda 2023.

Download full agenda 2024.

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Paid students can participate in more than one education track at no additional cost.

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Meet the team

David Bork

David Bork

Principal Security Architect

Jim Peterson

Principal Solutions Advisor,

Natalie Suarez

Natalie Suarez

Principal Solutions Advisor

Jay Ryerse

Jay Ryerse, CISSP

VP, Global Security Sales 


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