Capture the Flag

Compete against peers, and test your cybersecurity skills in our data-based artificial environment

What is Capture the Flag?

Capture the Flag is a simulated threat-hunting competition where you or you and a team find actual threats inside of an artificial environment created with real-world data gathered from our suite of security solutions. The goal is to find the security threat, "The Flag," and focus on exploiting the vulnerabilities you see inside the web application.
Show off your cybersecurity skills by competing to be the first to find "The Flag" and hone your skills at finding real threats in your and your clients' environments.

What to Expect During the Competition

anti-malware icon
Find actual threats
hardware security icon
Data-based environments
intrusion detection icon
Exploit vulnerabilities
internal IT icon
Work as a team or on your own
client management icon
Compete against other IT professionals
no delay icon
24-hour total playtime