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How One MSP Upgraded Its Systems to Provide Proactive IT Service

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TRS, an Icelandic managed service provider (MSP) that provides tailored computer system services and operating systems and offers ongoing support, needed a new operational system. Servicing everyone from private clients to governments, they needed a ticketing system that worked and was adaptable. Unfortunately, the ticketing system they were using was custom-built, and by no means perfect. Inefficient and lacking transparency, it greatly limited what the company could do, and it made financial calculations all but impossible.   Then Simmi Jonsson, Service Manager at TRS, discovered ConnectWise. Everything was about to change.

TRS, an MSP based in Iceland, was using a custom-built ticketing system that was inefficient and didn’t fit their needs. They needed a solution that provided greater transparency and capability.
After working with another MSP that used ConnectWise, TRS decided to implement several ConnectWise products, including ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate, to gain transparency and serve clients more effectively.
TRS now has more transparency into their staff’s daily operations, and through the proactive support of ConnectWise Automate, they can provide proactive service to clients, preventing IT problems rather than fixing them.

“ConnectWise listens to their customers. It’s constantly evolving and getting better, and probably always will. We can now see beforehand if a problem is on the horizon and we can contact the customer before something serious happens. We can prevent problems instead of fixing them.”

-Simmi Jonsson, Service Manager, TRS

An exciting discovery

Jonsson discovered ConnectWise while working with another MSP. They were using a ConnectWise product and Jonsson quickly realised how much this product could help TRS. After looking further into the ConnectWise suite of solutions, Jonsson discovered several more that, when used together, would allow TRS to abandon its limited ticketing system and provide a higher level of service to clients, while enjoying smoother daily operations.

The deciding factor was ConnectWise’s perfect fit with companies like TRS. “It seems to be made for MSPs,” Jonsson said. That’s not true of every ticketing and financial system. And Jonsson felt confident that, as the industry evolved, ConnectWise would help MSPs keep up. “ConnectWise listens to their customers. It’s constantly evolving and getting better, and probably always will,” he said. He also liked the fact that ConnectWise would enable them to manage various software products in one system, reducing operational complexity.

TRS contacted INNOSOFT, a software company that distributes ConnectWise products in Nordic countries, to begin implementation. One product simply wasn’t enough, and soon, the TRS team was operating with the entire ConnectWise platform. They discovered that the more products they leveraged, the more they could achieve as a company. And achieve they did.

New realms of possibility

One of the first things Jonsson noticed was how much transparency TRS gained through ConnectWise Manage. “By moving to ConnectWise Manage especially, we saw a clearer picture of everything we were doing on a daily basis,” he said. Not only can their team work much more effectively now, but, armed with all the details, they can calculate things like costs and profits much more accurately—and easily.

A huge advantage, possible through ConnectWise Automate, was that TRS could now give proactive support to clients, instead of reactive assistance. They’re able to create scripts that alert techs of both simple issues, like computers needing a reboot, and urgent problems, like servers being down in order to automate fixes—all without the client knowing it.

“We can now see beforehand if a problem is on the horizon and we can contact the customer before something serious happens. We can prevent problems instead of fixing them,” Jonsson said. This is a big win for both TRS and their client.

The team also found ConnectWise University helpful, especially when it comes to training technicians. “ConnectWise University is a total life saver for us,” Jonsson said. They use the platform’s large number of videos, sessions, and webinars constantly, and the software’s integration with ConnectWise University means they can quickly find answers whenever a product-related question arises.

The right choice

Eager to leverage the full power of ConnectWise, Jonsson recently attended IT Nation Connect for the first time. It was an experience he won’t soon forget: rife with opportunities for learning about new products, discovering new ways to use existing products, and networking with IT professionals. “ConnectWise really gives back to the customer this way and we will definitely come back,” Jonsson said.

In the meantime, TRS has enough to keep them happy—high transparency, smooth business operations, and a level of service that goes above and beyond. Since making the switch to ConnectWise from their old ticketing system, they’ve never looked back.

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