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Leap Consulting, an IT consulting company in Perth, Western Australia, needed a better solution for tracking project progress and assessing its engineers’ time.


Leap Consulting discovered ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell, a software pair that became essential to keeping track of its projects and accurately assessing its team’s capabilities.


Leap Consulting started tracking time accurately, resulting in boosted profits and customer satisfaction. Plus, accurate project management data helped the company better predict its future needs.

Leap Consulting set out to do things differently. They don’t just deliver IT advice, training, and support, but they’re in the business of providing strategic insight to their customers on how to increase overall effectiveness and efficiency within an organisation’s digital environment. Founded in 2004 on a simple yet profound mission: Empower clients to build better businesses.

‘Before ConnectWise, we were basically using a series of siloed applications and programs to keep track of our work,’ said Zaun Bhana, Managing Director of Leap Consulting. ‘But we knew we needed to find a more efficient process because we were leaking time.’

It wasn’t easy for the Leap team to track its time accurately—and as an IT consultant, every minute matters. Back then, Leap Consulting charged many of its clients by the hour and quoted a prepaid rate based on time estimates and data from past projects. But without an effective solution for tracking time, it was losing profit.

Regaining Lost Time—Time is Money

To solve the problem, co-founder and Technical Director Leigh McDonald led the effort to adopt ConnectWise Manage. Almost immediately after making the switch profits increased.

‘We started recouping time very quickly,’ said McDonald. ‘I’d say we gained at least an additional 25 to 30% of billable time from our engineers that we were probably missing in the past. We also saved one day a week by being able to eliminate administration from having to follow up and formally record engineers work in order to bill clients accordingly.’

ConnectWise Manage replaced Leap Consulting’s ad hoc software platforms, making it easy for engineers to keep track of their projects and progress in real time and helping company executives gain a greater understanding of how long individual tasks actually take to complete.

Streamlining Billing and Project Management

Automating much of the admin workload and the billing process has helped reduce operational errors and has helped us to deliver a greater customer experience.

‘We saw huge savings via automation across both the administrative and engineering teams—just like that, we became a much more efficient operation,’ said Bhana.

Delivering projects on time and budget directly influences Leap Consulting’s clients’ satisfaction. After reviewing its existing business processes, Leap Consulting implemented internal change to more efficiently track its clients’ project statuses. Each time a client called asking for an update, the Leap Consulting team would spend an additional hour or two tracking down notes from engineers. This extra time diminished the company’s overall rating for customer service, however, after implementing ConnectWise, Leap Consulting saw an increase in customer satisfaction.

With ConnectWise Manage, Leap Consulting could track its clients’ project statuses precisely—and if a client called with a question about the work or a bill, the team could quickly access the data it would need to offer assistance.

‘We started to have clients calling to say, “I just got billed for X and Y,” and we could say, “Yup, you did—and here’s why,”’ said Bhana. ‘Before, our clients were probably over-serviced and undercharged.’

‘[Thanks to ConnectWise], we saw huge savings across both the administrative and engineering teams—just like that, we became a much more efficient operation.’

- Zaun Bhana, Managing Director, Leap Consulting

Making Room for Transparency

ConnectWise Manage provided both Leap Consulting and its clients with more transparency into the work being undertaken. In turn, this gave Leap Consulting’s clients more confidence in its business and billing process while also building a greater level of trust.

‘Our clients could see in detail all the work that was being undertaken through detailed reporting and we could leverage gathered insight to show the value in which we had introduced into their business.,’ said Bhana.

Operational transparency extends beyond existing client facing business processes. While many MSPs struggle to develop a successful sales and marketing function, Leap Consulting has implemented ConnectWise Sell to increase overall business process transparency and efficiency into their sales and marketing process. Ensuring consistency, accuracy, and timeliness in proposal delivery has assisted us in delivering not only a professional company image, but also a greater customer experience.

‘We have implemented best practices across all the different variables of performance across our business, from sales, service, support, procurement, and even off into areas like marketing,’ said Bhana.

While upgrading to a new solution can be seen as daunting to many, ConnectWise leverages best practice deployment methodology to proactively identify and address any areas of risk and ensure a seamless deployment and configuration. Further, in order to ensure the return on investment is maximized, the ConnectWise University provides a comprehensive series of training material to effectively enable user adoption.

Looking to the Future

Data has become pivotal for Leap Consulting to help deliver operational efficiencies and drive innovation within its business. Turning data into insights to deliver new product offerings and services to its clients is helping position Leap Consulting as a trusted advisor amongst its clients.

‘Based on the data we gathered from ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell, we could start to predict the decisions we’d need to make in six months’ time in regard to hiring, project management, customer satisfaction—everything,’ said McDonald. ‘ConnectWise became our source of truth. It informs our strategy and strategy obviously helps us to succeed and win.’

Today, Leap Consulting’s team continues to grow, and looking forward, it’s excited to continue leveraging ConnectWise solutions to deliver more value to its clients, each and every day.

‘We have the flexibility to start chasing new areas of innovation to offer our clients because, at our core, we know ConnectWise will be there to offer stability and track our work,’ said Bhana.

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ConnectWise Automate
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ConnectWise Automate allows you to manage everything through a single console, giving your team one product to rapidly and efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

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ConnectWise Manage
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ConnectWise Manage gives you one central hub, delivering one application to enable excellent service delivery every time. In other words, we’re in the business of making YOUR business easier.

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ConnectWise Control
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Everything changes with ConnectWise Control. Connect instantly, no matter where your customers are, and solve problems before your customers can finish explaining.

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ConnectWise Sell
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Grow your business with a quote and proposal automation solution that gives you access to real-time pricing and helps you close deals faster.

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ConnectWise Identify

Make your security conversations more impactful by assessing your customers’ full risk posture.

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