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Massive IT accelerates growth and go-to-market strategy with the ConnectWise Partner Program

Massive IT

About Massive IT

Based in Tampa, Florida, Massive IT Cloud Solutions helps small-to-medium-sized and enterprise businesses across the nation increase agility and trim IT costs by hosting their email, data, servers, and applications in the cloud. Founded in 2013 to address the growing IT services market, Massive IT has developed a comprehensive information technology product suite including, cloud, security, networking, disaster recovery, telephony, and professional services. Ranked as a top 50 partner with its distribution partner for Microsoft cloud services, Massive IT is committed to reducing and eliminating organizations from the burden of managing infrastructure and software so they can focus on improving and growing their business.

Massive IT was challenged to address increased client and prospect demand for cybersecurity services and their existing sales and marketing approach needed to evolve to keep pace.
ConnectWise’s Partner Program became an extension of Massive IT’s team to advance new growth opportunities and improve their go-to-market.
Faster time to market, increased cybersecurity expertise, energized demand generation, stronger partner engagement, and expanded revenue growth.

“We have gained great insight into the current cybersecurity market, products, technologies, and frameworks for engaging our customers and providing security solutions.”

– Michael Emdy, CEO and founder, Massive IT Cloud Solutions

Cybersecurity demand

Massive IT’s 2018 purchase of CloudRoute helped drive unprecedented growth for the business. With personnel and customers now spread across the US and Europe, Massive IT was challenged to address new service opportunities targeting 50 to 500 seat organizations, and their existing sales and marketing approach needed to evolve to keep pace. Further, when working with other vendors, Massive IT often found it difficult to gather the information and resources required for market success. Assets would be scattered throughout different data repositories and tracking the purchase of solutions often lacked ideal system integration, which slowed sales cycles and created confusion in customer engagements.

Accelerating success and deepening knowledge and expertise

To advance new growth opportunities and improve their go-to-market, Massive IT decided to increase focus on client and prospect demand for cybersecurity services. With research pointing to a significant majority of small to mid-sized companies lacking confidence in their ability to defend against today’s cyber threats, Massive IT’s search for new cyber solutions led them to the ConnectWise Partner Program.

For Massive IT, it was important to work with a solutions provider who offered current cybersecurity solutions backed by deep expertise. To speed success, the availability of ready-made marketing materials, campaign resources, and guidance on industry best practices was also paramount. “We were interested in the ConnectWise Partner Program to help us gain new insights, techniques, marketing collateral, and strategies for marketing and go-to-market frameworks,” said Massive IT CEO and founder, Michael Emdy. For Emdy and his team, “the organized and methodical approach to delivery of training, product knowledge and marketing resources,” was an element of the Partner Program he liked the most.

As an Accelerate-level partner, Massive IT has access to a dedicated partner development manager (PDM) who helps guide access to sales and marketing resources and technical subject matter experts during the sales cycle. Considered an important extension of their team, Massive IT’s PDM has been integral to the successful launch of cybersecurity offerings. “We have bi-weekly meetings and quarterly business reviews and are currently focused on telemarketing and operating two marketing campaigns with plans to source new leads and revenue through webinars and other marketing efforts,” shared Emdy.

Training and enablement are critical elements of the ConnectWise Partner Program. For Massive IT, training, support and GTM materials have helped tremendously with enabling their sales teams. “We have six technical and sales resources engaged in the program with a focus on marketing and lead acquisition. The level of training was appropriate to our sales staff, and the ConnectWise Partner Portal enables them with information about new products and technologies that apply to our customers, along with access to ready-made marketing collateral for email, social media, and direct conversations,” said Emdy.

Firing on all cylinders

Massive IT is monitoring their recently launched marketing campaigns for success and the outlook is bright. “Our telemarketing experience produced many qualified and interesting leads, and we have closed a few of those opportunities,” shared Emdy. “Our first customer resulted in a managed service agreement for cybersecurity, disaster recovery and Microsoft services for a sizable monthly dollar spend.”

According to Emdy, the benefit of being part of the ConnectWise Partner Program was clear from the start. In addition to the ConnectWise staff being friendly, down to earth, and willing to jump in and aid in Massive IT’s marketing campaigns, “We saw immediate benefits from the education on cybersecurity products and marketing campaigns, especially the telemarketing and social media campaigns,” said Emdy. “We have gained great insight into the current cybersecurity market, products, technologies, and frameworks for engaging our customers and providing security solutions.”

“The Massive IT sales and marketing engine is firing on all cylinders now,” said Emdy. “We have developed strategies, frameworks, and tools to move us toward a repeatable process, and plan to hit a rhythm in our marketing efforts to drive lead generation.”

Everything you need to build and grow your cybersecurity practice

Whether you are building a new cybersecurity practice, jump-starting a stalled effort, or accelerating a mature practice, the ConnectWise Partner Program is here to help. Your access to educational resources, in-depth training, and community-based events will deepen your knowledge and expertise, and when combined with security solutions designed to do more with less, you'll have everything you need to improve your clients’ security outcomes and fuel your business for ongoing success.

Moving forward

Massive IT is focused on growing organically as well as by strategic acquisition. The company continues to build and expand their security practice with ConnectWise and has future plans to develop a security operations center in-house.