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How This MSP Simplified Its Backup Process to Provide Reliable Data Protection Across Their Clients’ SaaS Environments


ActionPoint is a software development and managed services provider (MSP) in Ireland. Initially a team of 150 employees, ActionPoint was recently acquired by communications provider The Viatel Group and has grown to 350 employees since. ActionPoint has used ConnectWise services since the company was founded in 2005 and continues to use a comprehensive suite of products, including ConnectWise PSA, ConnectWise RMM™, ConnectWise CPQ™ and BrightGauge™

ActionPoint’s previous backup solution was time-consuming and required a lot of administrative effort.
ActionPoint made the switch to ConnectWise SaaS Backup™.
ActionPoint saves valuable money using SaaS Backup to manage their backups. The simplicity of the SaaS Backup has allowed them to “set and forget”, where backup schedules and frequencies are automated, and backups are carried out automatically to keep customer data safe at all times.

“We trust ConnectWise for its continual development of products for MSPs.

“We wanted to be on this journey with ConnectWise while ConnectWise RMM is still new and to learn the feature sets as the product evolves.” 

ActionPoint has been a ConnectWise Partner for over 17 years since it was founded in 2005, catering to most industries, such as insurance, legal, construction and engineering businesses in Ireland. ActionPoint serves a variety of end users using a comprehensive suite of ConnectWise products and affiliated ConnectWise services, from PSA, RMM, and CPQ to BrightGauge.  

Like many other ConnectWise partners, ActionPoint previously used ConnectWise Automate before migrating to RMM. They first discovered RMM at its launch during IT Nation Connect in November 2021 and wanted to leverage the capabilities of RMM to complement their service delivery.  

Moving forward with the next big thing  

“ConnectWise RMM was presented to me as the next evolution and the future of RMM softwares,” said Stephen Collopy, Head of IT at ActionPoint, who leads a team of over 40 people in the managed services division. “We wanted to be on this journey with ConnectWise while the product is still new and to learn the feature sets as the product evolves.”  

Collopy particularly loves the ease of use of RMM, especially when paired with the powerful reporting features of BrightGauge. “We get visibility on the health scores of the machines that we didn’t have before. We can’t wait to explore the small features and get the maximum value out of this product.” 

ActionPoint has yet to leverage ConnectWise NOC Services, but its seamless integration with RMM was one of the reasons for their move—so that they have the option to use NOC Services in the future. “We trust ConnectWise for its continual development of products for MSPs.” 

Solutions that give you peace of mind  

When it came to backups, ActionPoint has been using a combination of SkyKick and Commvault services. However, upon learning about SaaS Backup and having a subsequent trial, ActionPoint migrated most of their customers’ Microsoft 365 backups on SkyKick and Commvault to ConnectWise SaaS Backup. This process only took a matter of days.  

While Commvault has served ActionPoint well in the past few years, SaaS Backup was simpler to use as it required less admin effort and was more affordable without the additional hosting costs. “We weren’t interested in SaaS Backup initially. But I started thinking about how we can apply it to our services after the trial, and it just made sense to go with it.”  

Besides the affordable price point of SaaS Backup, Collopy particularly loves the product's simplicity. SaaS Backup has helped the ActionPoint team be more efficient at their jobs, while offering configurable retention according to their needs. “Our approach at ActionPoint is to back up everything. With SaaS Backup, you can set it and forget it. Backups are kept forever. It’s that easy,” said Collopy.   

“The price point, single pane of glass, and simplicity make a lot of sense for our business. SaaS Backup has taken a lot of noise away from the team who previously managed the Commvault backup environment.”