Frequently asked questions

Product names

Q: Why are you changing the names?
A: Our suite of products help our partners manage their business, sell more effectively, automate delivery, and control technology. Changing the names reinforces our mission to simplify everything, and makes sure we’re reflecting who we are and what our products really do for our partners.

Partner services

Q: When will we have one invoice?
A: As we work to make sure our solutions are operating under one website, message, and roadmap, we will also be working toward a single invoice for partners with multiple solutions.

Q: Will there be one email address for support?
A: You can still reach support by phone, email or chat in the same way that you always have. We’re continuing to integrate our support teams, and will communicate any changes that we make to you.

Q: Will we have one consultant or be able to use our hours for any product?


Q: How does this effect product releases?
A: Our products will continue our normal release cycles.

Q: Your product still has the old name/logos. When will that be updated?
A: Early 2022

Q: When will the new UI be completed across the suite?
A: Mid-2022

Q: When will the suite be fully browser capable?

Q: When will there be one website?
A: is our primary website for all of our products.

Sales & billing

Q: When can we purchase the suite and will there be a discount?
A: Our internal team is working hard to continue offering our innovative solutions to partners. For information on purchasing the suite, contact your Account Manager.

Integration and third-party products

Q: Where do I get new new logos and brand guidelines?
A: We will be sending them to all integration partners and vendors starting in mid-November.

Q: What is the timeline for transitioning our assets?
A: Although this is very exciting, it is also a lot of work. We expect the transition process to take months. In addition to executing an extensive communication strategy to inform our customers, strategic partners, prospects, and the industry at large, we are also working to update our assets, collateral, processes, and more.

Q: Do your products still integrate with competitors’ products?
A: Yes. Nothing has changed about our commitment to open APIs and integrated partnerships.